Pro Stock jerseys: Edge VS. Edge 2.0

Well readers, for my first post here on Pro Stock Nation I’ll be focusing on one of my passions; jerseys. I won’t be doing a review, instead I’ll show you the jerseys the pros wear, explaining the differences in the two types of jerseys currently worn in the National Hockey League. The two jerseys I will use for examples are both NHL game worn, making them pro stock through and through.

Reebok began supplying NHL teams with the RBK Edge (now dubbed the Edge 1.0) jersey starting in the 2007-2008 season, these jerseys were tighter fitting, and featured a new fabric (X-trafil) designed to reduce water absorption and thus allow jerseys to dry faster and remain lighter. In turn the hope was that players would be faster and more manoeuvrable.

The play-dry X-trafil fabric on the first generation Edge:

As the season went a long players began giving negative feedback about how the new Edge jersey performed. Players complained of sleeves that were too tight, durability issues, and that the jerseys were too heavy.

This game worn jersey was only used for 2 games and already showed damage:

By January 1st 2008, Reebok had come up with a new model of jersey to replace the maligned ones in circulation. These new jerseys were never given much publicity as Reebok wanted to hide the fact their first generation Edge jerseys were not received as highly as hoped. The Edge 2.0 jersey featured bigger sleeves, replacement of the play-dry material, and a return to the pre-2007 style of jerseys with double elbows.

Edge 2.0 jersey with air-knit material:

Edge 2.0 jersey with double elbows:

Interior stitching of material for double elbows:

Exterior stitching of the double elbow:

Both styles of jerseys are still used by NHL teams, although the newer 2.0 is seen in much higher numbers. Numbers from the 2008-2009 season show approximately 80% of the league uses the Edge 2.0.

The differences are relatively superficial to anybody who isn’t actually wearing the jerseys, but for professionals the little things make all the difference in performance.  As a jersey enthusiast I prefer the traditional feel of the Edge 2.0 jersey, but as a collector I also value the rarity of the Edge 1.0 as it’s usage becomes less and less common.

I hope you learned something new and enjoyed the read. Next time I’ll do a review. Bauer X60 is all I’ll say about that though.

– E

5 Responses to “Pro Stock jerseys: Edge VS. Edge 2.0”

  1. Come and check out our facility in Burnaby when you have a chance. Safe bet to say we’re in your Pro Stock wheelhouse.

    Nice, clean site and great photography, too.

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  3. Alex-FNP40 Says:

    Hey, I’m a jersey enthusiast and I’ve been looking everywhere for an Edge 2.0 and I can’t find shit. I have the edge 1 and an air-knit jersey to base my choice off of. I like the feel of the air-knit jerseys because it is really comfortable and the only way I can get an Edge 2.0 lackhawks jersey is if I buy a game-worn one…and those cost close to $1000. If you can give me any info on where I can find some I would appreciate it. My email is

    • Hi Alex,

      Have you considered a Game-Issued jersey instead of a Game Worn? It would be a more cost effective option. The Chicago Blackhawks only sell Game-Issued/Game Worn jerseys through their shop at the United Center so still expect inflated prices; just not as much as the Game Worns. The team is not a part of Meigray’s Game Worn program so your only other chance of obtaining a 2.0 is from a collector. We recommend communities like Try posting up a wanted ad in their classifieds section, you never know, somebody out there may be looking to sell what you’re looking for.

      Good luck in your hunt and thanks for reading.

      – M

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