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Coming Soon: Fitting At Base Hockey

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Last week we visited Base Hockey Labs ( and had a great learning experience. Coming up soon is our three part series of the fitting session we received at Base. They are opening to the public soon and it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our very own Base hockey stick.

In the meantime, check out our videos from our trip at Be sure to comment and subscribe to our videos!

– M

Advertisements Visits Base Hockey Labs

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Coming soon: Our trip down to Base Hockey Labs in Burnaby, BC.  It was very worthwhile and we learned a lot in a short period of time from former NHL player Cliff Ronning.  Stay tuned, we have also placed a stick order and you don’t want to miss out on that.  We shot with these sticks today and they feel amazing.

Click here to check out our video of Cliff ripping a few top corner.

We’d like to thank Base Hockey for having us.  Check them out at

– M

Bauer APX Skates On eBay

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A few weeks ago a picture of a skate surfaced on the internet claiming to be the Vapor APX, successor to the current X:60 not due out until 2011.  This prototype continues on with the Vapor color scheme of black, grey and red but there is no word if the graphics package shown will be the one on the actual release date.  It looks like the APX will be getting some treatment similar to the Supreme Total ONE; white felt on the tongues and the new fusion steel on the ever popular Tuuk Lightspeed2 holder.

“Brand new skates….these skates are not even out to the open market yet… happy bidding”

The seller’s description has been extremely vague with no size listed or how he managed to obtain a pair of these.  Click here to see the auction.

– M

XXX-Lite Mystery?

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How can a stick that was discontinued 4+ years ago suddenly emerge across a nationwide sporting goods chain?

I dropped by a local Sportchek and came across some Nike Bauer XXX-Lite one piece composite sticks.  Sportcheks will occasionally have discontinued models from previous seasons just buried deep in their stick sections but my gut instinct is these aren’t very old at all.

The P02 Kronwall Pattern; I’m certain at the time of the XXX-Lite’s release the P02 curve was still known as “Pronger” or “Samsonov” (yes, the 1998 Rookie of The Year.)

However the carbon weaves on the blade do look similar to the original XXX-Lite but it was difficult trying to feel if it as the security tag really compromises any balance the stick has.  I had an original XXX-Lite Ryan Kesler pro stock and was wondering if these would feel the same (at a bargain of $99 especially!)  Off-topic rant here but I don’t see why they’d need to put these tags on a hockey stick to begin with.  I’ve worked in retail before and I’m sure a hockey stick would be one of the more difficult items to conceal and shoplift.

These sticks cannot be leftover stock from many seasons ago as there are reports of them popping up at Sportcheks across Canada and they were even advertised on the back page of Sportchek’s flyer last week.  There is no logical explanation that a hoard of XXX-Lites could still be kicking around after almost half a decade unless they are being manufactured as a SMU for Sportchek or as some other people are speculating, but rather unlikely, a repaint of another stick.

– M

Can You Spot What’s Wrong?

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Many professional players roll their sleeves higher up on their elbow pads because they feel it could get in the way.  Ilya Kovalchuk and David Perron are among two of the many professional players who share in this practice.  Shown below is Sergei Shirokov of the AHL’s Manitoba Moose.

According to the 2009/2010 NHL (as well as AHL) Rulebook; Section 3 Rule 9.3, “Sleeves must extend into the cuff of the glove.”  Rule 9.5 gives the example, “An elbow pad that is not covered by his jersey, he (the referee) shall instruct the player to cover up the pad and a second violation by the same player would result in a minor penalty being assessed.”

I have never seen this rule enforced, similar to the visor rule rarely being called when players tilt their shields up and protect their foreheads more than their eyes (see: Ryan Getzlaf Team Canada 2010 Olympics.)  Could sleeve rolling potentially cost a team a penalty late in the game and change the flow of an entire series (a-la Marty McSorely 1993 Cup Finals?)

– M

New Practice Jerseys For 2010-2011

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Some of you may have noticed NHL practice jerseys have been on sale and hitting clearance racks as of late.  As anticipated Reebok will be releasing new practice jerseys for the 2010-2011 NHL Season.  This screen shot from shows the new style teams will be wearing.

These retail jerseys will still be 100% Ultrafil unlike their pro stock counterparts made of X-trafil.  It’s a slight face-lift of the existing practice jerseys but the bulk of it remains the same.

– M

What Happened Here?

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After a recent trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, these skates really stood out for me from an equipment stand point. Looks like Lidstrom is a Step Steel user (Swedish player with Swedish steel, no surprise) but what probably caught your eye first was the huge chunk of skate missing on the left ankle.

Lidstrom took a puck to the left ankle days before the Winter Classic ’09 and it looks like their equipment staff must have added some extra protection in that area but later removed it? After a quick search on Getty Images there’s no photos of Lidstrom wearing these altered skates but if you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a Nike Bauer ONE95 looks like, here you are.

– M