A Look At: Tackla 5000 Pro Hockey Pants – Tampa Bay Lightning

Tackla 5000 Pro Hockey Pants – Tampa Bay Lightning

Two piece hockey sticks have been around for almost two decades and everybody’s heard of them.  When I mention to somebody I own a pair of two piece hockey pants they simply don’t believe it.

What exactly makes it two piece?  Most hockey pants being sold in retail stores are one piece with no detachable parts while  two piece pants have a top and bottom portion.  The ‘top’ consists of protection for the hips and tail bone while the bottom portion, also referred to as ‘lowers’, houses the protection for your thighs and outer shell of the pant.

How are these two parts joined together?  By buttoning the two parts together, players can also mix and match tops and lowers of different brands to their liking.  Of course not all brands are fully interchangeable but it all comes down to how many and where the buttons and holes are located.  Tacklas come with lots of extra holes and buttons so they’re compatible with most brands.

The advantage of wearing a two piece pant is it offers more mobility than a regular pant but at the same time, better protection than a girdle and shell option (which previously has been the choice for players seeking mobility.)

As with MOST pro stock equipment, these pants are very well made and manufactured in Canada; much better than their retail Tackla cousins available in the US market which are made in Thailand.  Tackla pants in the Canadian market were being manufactured by Vaughn.  You can still find these quality pants but now under the “EAGLE” brand name after Vaughn’s buyout of Eagle.

Depending on how you like your pants to fit, Tacklas may or may not be for you.  They are advertised as “European Styling” for a reason.  My previous pants were a pair of CCM Tacks and they were very loose through the hips and thighs and it felt like wearing a barrel.  Tacklas are more snug fitting but not to the point where it is uncomfortable and my range of motion is not restricted while skating.

A common feature found on pants nowadays are inner leg zippers.  I never use them but  I’ve seen players in the NHL skate with the zippers wide open to increase their range of motion but it’s rather dangerous to leave your inner leg exposed should you get a skate cut.  As for the average Joe, I’ve never heard of a league that allows their players to have the zipper open anyway.  The only other use I can think of is for guys who like to put their skates on before their pants.  I’ve seen teammates on different occasions rip the back of their pants because they forced they tried to use brute force to get their pants on.

The only problem I’ve ever had with these pants was the stitching on one of the buckles.  It broke off after about 5 skates but it was an easy repair at my Local Hockey Shop.

These pop up occasionally on eBay with both pieces in tact or just the lowers.  If you like your pants a bit more fitted and you can afford them, I wouldn’t think twice about picking these up.

– M

6 Responses to “A Look At: Tackla 5000 Pro Hockey Pants – Tampa Bay Lightning”

  1. I currently use pro stock L7 mission pure pants, those are two piece as well and i LOVE THEM, best pants ever, the thigh and lower back protection is the most amazing i have ever used, when i had ccm tack pants i could easily be wacked and it would miss padding, when i get hacked with these, padding.

    FYI for the zippered leg gussets, i use mine fully open and have never been penalized. Great for mobility and protection

  2. Funny you say that because my previous pair of pants were Tacks 652’s and they were terrible. They felt like I was wearing a barrel around my waist and the padding would always move out of place should you fall.

    • i agree, i had 452, and 652 and nike pants and boy everytime i moved around the kidney plastic inserts would move and fall out, or would move and when you fell you were never protected. I agree about the barrel part, i never felt like i was wearing something fitting my body and moved with me that protected me, it only felt like i was wearing said barrel and it got in the way of skating and turning quickly too.

  3. I played high school hockey in michigan, and a little college hockey here to, I love skating with my zippers open, and i’ve never had anyone say anything about it. But taking a puck or a stick to the inner thigh with no pads isn’t to pleasant. I also have a pair of Detroit Vipers pro stock VIC 750 SR 2 peace pants, the padding is unreal, and having a 2 peace makes washing easier to.

  4. I just ordered a pair of these in size 50. Are they the same size as retail Tackla’s?

    • Depends on who actually made the Tacklas. The retail Canadian ones were made by Vaughn in Canada. The American ones were made by Montreal Hockey Co. in Thailand. The Vaughn made ones are pretty much the same as the Pro version.

      – M

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