Jason Spezza’s Toe Curve

I went to my LHS (Local Hockey Shop) over the weekend to get my skates sharpened and looked at some pro return Sherwood S.O.P.’s as I waited.

A big toe curve like this isn’t offered on retail sticks by any manufacturer so to get one you either have to curve it yourself, custom order or buy pro stock.

A burn mark from Spezza tweaking his blade.  The toe of the stick is shaved down and looks much pointier in real life; More like the one he got called on for having an illegal stick: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bd_sVCqkmS4

Spezza likes his wood sticks really stiff and this felt like it was at least 115-120 flex.  If you’re looking to try a toe curve and you can flex this monster, it might just be the best $20 you ever spent.

– M

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