Bauer APX Skates On eBay

A few weeks ago a picture of a skate surfaced on the internet claiming to be the Vapor APX, successor to the current X:60 not due out until 2011.  This prototype continues on with the Vapor color scheme of black, grey and red but there is no word if the graphics package shown will be the one on the actual release date.  It looks like the APX will be getting some treatment similar to the Supreme Total ONE; white felt on the tongues and the new fusion steel on the ever popular Tuuk Lightspeed2 holder.

“Brand new skates….these skates are not even out to the open market yet… happy bidding”

The seller’s description has been extremely vague with no size listed or how he managed to obtain a pair of these.  Click here to see the auction.

– M

7 Responses to “Bauer APX Skates On eBay”

  1. kind of interesing, but the seller’s name is crconner25, which could be chris ryan conner who is currently in the penguins system, is from michigan as is the seller and wore #25 when he was with the stars. Just sayin.

    • Thanks for the possible explanation Thom. We’ve are currently looking into Chris Conner and trying to find any leads on him wearing the APX skates. From the majority of photos and hockey cards we’ve seen, he is wearing Grafs. It could also be a mere coincidence or just a fan of his with that username but we are not ruling out it could be him as well.

      As for more APX news, looks like Tyler Seguin of the Bruins is the latest NHLer to wear these.

  2. […] the same as the pair that was posted up for sale on eBay a couple months back we posted about: It seems like Bauer’s Supreme and Vapor platform will have more in common compared to […]

  3. just to tell you Claude Giroux has been using the apx’s since the beginning of the season and
    Nicklas Backstrom first used them in the game against the rangers in febuary and
    Giroux isn’t even a bauer rep. And also Jonathan Toews used them for a few games but then switched back to the x60s.

    • The Flyers have a pretty good relationship with the Bauer Pro Rep so even though certain players aren’t featured athletes, you can see the influence it has on their gear. Many players have been spotted either wearing APX dressed up as X:60 or just blatantly the APX in it’s retail colors altogether but most have been switching back to the X:60. There’s no real reason for this other than the players want to stick with what works and feels comfortable.

      – M

  4. do you guys know when the next line of reebok equiptment will come out

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