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Congratulations to the winner of our first pair of Row 6 Canucks Open Practice tickets on Twitter, Ken L. (hockeyfan1992)!  The next draw will be on Wednesday, September 29, 2010.  Remember to follow @ProStockNation on Twitter and RT to win!

We’d also like to thank our friends at BASE Hockey ( for supplying us with a few prizes for our readers and watchers.  Stay tuned to our blog and on Twitter to see how you can win an Al Iafrate and Cliff Ronning signed BASE Hockey poster or hat!

– M


Stick Testing at Base Hockey Labs

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Now that your stick is ready for the cameras it’s time to go to Base Hockey’s shooting room. Inside the room is a large sheet of artificial ice so you can shoot with your skates on to exactly replicate on ice conditions. Just a heads up, the artificial ice will feel odd your first time on it.

On either end of the room are tarps with the outline of a net and targets. This makes it easy for both left handed and right handed shooters to position themselves with enough room for all their shots.

Prior to shooting you will be asked to rank your shots from best to worst. Snap shot, slap shot, and wrist shot. Once all the pucks are in front of you will be shown a rough spot on the ice from which to release your shots. This is to better allow the high speed cameras to capture your shot and how the stick responds.

The area is well lit to allow the cameras to better isolate the puck and it’s release off the stick. Don’t trust us? These lights don’t lie.

As you go through the order of your shots, from best to worst, Cliff will give you hints and pointers as to your technique and how to improve your shot. Make sure to listen, because it’s not everyday you get a lesson from a former NHLer.

Throughout the process the Base crew will analyze your stick set up and offer other choices in sticks to try. With their great selection of shafts, blades and lies you’ll definitely be able to find one to improve your game.

Once you’ve gone through all of your shots and found a stick you like it’s time to go to the video room for a debriefing. While you watch slow motion footage of your shooting you will be given more in depth information about your style and how to improve. Stay tuned for more on the post shooting breakdown in part three.

While we were there we got a few extra shots in for fun. Remember, no skates, no ice.

Check out our video with Base Hockey’s Al Iafrate:

Stay tuned to our blog, Twitter and Youtube pages as the kind folks at Base Hockey have supplied us with a few items to give away to our readers.  You definitely don’t want to miss out!

– E

Vancouver Canucks Open Practice Ticket Giveaway!

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We have a few pairs of Canucks Open Practice Tickets on Sunday October 3, 2010 @ 2:00pm to give away.  These seats are 6 rows from the ice and you definitely don’t want to miss out on the great view!

How do you win?

1.  Follow us on Twitter at

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3.  Tell others to do the same!

Make sure you Follow us AND RetweetYou must do both in order to be entered into our draw.

*Winners will be contacted by October 1, 2010 at the very latest with instructions on where to pick up their tickets.*

First pair of tickets will be drawn on Saturday, September 25, 2010 in the evening.  The lucky winner will be contacted through Twitter with pick up instructions.

Canucks Open Practice Tickets Giveaway

– M

New York Rangers New Third Jersey For 2010/2011

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It’s definitely a very vintage-feeling Rangers jersey.  Check it out on Sean Avery’s Blog Post:

– M Visits The Vancouver Canucks

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Sorry for the quality of the pics, we didn’t have our DSLR with us this time.

Not much explaining needed.  I’m sure Canuck Fans have seen these doors plenty of times.

View from the Best Buy Club on the 500-Level at the Rogers Arena.  Not only did the ice get a new paint job but the floor in the bowl did as well; white with a blue and green scheme going on.

Back to the Canucks room.

Looks like Rypien’s skates are getting some attention.  We didn’t want to step foot in this room without the Equipment personnel present out of respect because we know how much pride goes into their work.

To clear up any rumors about the Sedins allegedly wearing an “11K” helmet, looks like they’re still using the 8K.  They’re  giving Bauer X:60 gloves a try and still skating in Supreme ONE95s after testing out Total ONEs at the end of last year.  We were surprised to see no Total ONEs in the room.

Sergei Shirokov is back in town and skating; we hope he earns a full time spot on the roster this year.  His gear remains pretty much unchanged since last season; Bauer 4500 Helmet, Bauer XXXX Pro Gloves, X:60 Skates.

Side note: On top of being a skilled player he is also willing to go out of his way for his fans.  He came out to find us after the Moose played the Heat in Abbotsford last year and signed my authentic Shirokov Moose Jersey.


Thanks again Sergei!

– M

Canucks Team Store Outlet – Grand Opening

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Our friends at the Canucks Team Store Outlet had their grand opening on September 2, 2010.  Not only will they be carrying apparel at bargain prices but the unsold gear from the annual equipment sale will end up here.

Check out the full video from Breakfast Television here.

Some of the prices we saw were:

Sticks – $100

Blades – $15

One color knit socks – $5

Gloves – $100

Skates – $150

Pant Shells – $30

Pro Equipment Bags – $50

As with the annual equipment sale, most items are used but you may come across the occasional brand new item.  The stick selection is quite good, if you’re a left handed shot.

Good luck hunting for your desired stick!

– M

Getting Fitted At Base Hockey Labs

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First and foremost we would like to thank Cliff Ronning and Holmes Ghassemi of Base Hockey ( for inviting us to a fitting session at their facility in Burnaby, BC.

What goes on during the fitting process? Our three part series will document what you can expect when you get fitted for a hockey stick at Base Hockey.

Upon entering the building you’ll notice the large brushed metal BASE Hockey logo on the wall and the flat screen TV looping classic hockey games (mostly Canucks.)

All you need to bring is your stick, gloves and skates. Step through the two glass doors from the reception area and arrive beside the rink. From here your stick is taken to be prepped for testing.

Many measurements are taken of the stick during this preparation process. The stick is clamped into a specially designed instrument to measure the true lie of the blade. The reason I say true lie is because there is no standard method of measuring the lie of a hockey stick. (Ex. A 4-lie from Brand “A” will be different than a 4-lie from Brand “B”.) Companies will either measure a blade’s lie from heel to the middle or from the heel to toe. If the lie is measured from the heel to the middle, the rocker of the blade will heavily skew the measurement of the lie.

The flex of the stick will also be tested. We went to Base before they were ready to open to the public so their machine to conduct this test was not set up yet. In composite shafts, different flexes are achieved by using different weaves. Even though you’re using a stick that is labeled “100 Flex” doesn’t necessarily mean it is. No two shafts are constructed exactly the same so there are variances in the flex which can be up to 5%. So in reality the “100 Flex” you’re using can be anywhere from 95 to 105 flex. Cutting or extending the length will also have an effect on the stiffness.

A few other basic measurements are made such a balance point, stick length and shaft weight.

From here, six “crash test dummy-like” stickers are strategically placed on your stick. Two between your top and your bottom hand, two between your bottom hand and the blade and two on the actual blade itself. These stickers are used as reference points in order to make calculations on how much your stick flexes when they review your video footage.

While your stick is being prepped, a few questions will be asked during a brief interview such as what position do you play and what your playing style is like.

The next step is to get your skates and gloves on and head over to the room where the shooting (both pucks and cameras) takes place. Stay tuned for part two.

In the meantime be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel at and follow us on Twitter at

– M