Stick Testing at Base Hockey Labs

Now that your stick is ready for the cameras it’s time to go to Base Hockey’s shooting room. Inside the room is a large sheet of artificial ice so you can shoot with your skates on to exactly replicate on ice conditions. Just a heads up, the artificial ice will feel odd your first time on it.

On either end of the room are tarps with the outline of a net and targets. This makes it easy for both left handed and right handed shooters to position themselves with enough room for all their shots.

Prior to shooting you will be asked to rank your shots from best to worst. Snap shot, slap shot, and wrist shot. Once all the pucks are in front of you will be shown a rough spot on the ice from which to release your shots. This is to better allow the high speed cameras to capture your shot and how the stick responds.

The area is well lit to allow the cameras to better isolate the puck and it’s release off the stick. Don’t trust us? These lights don’t lie.

As you go through the order of your shots, from best to worst, Cliff will give you hints and pointers as to your technique and how to improve your shot. Make sure to listen, because it’s not everyday you get a lesson from a former NHLer.

Throughout the process the Base crew will analyze your stick set up and offer other choices in sticks to try. With their great selection of shafts, blades and lies you’ll definitely be able to find one to improve your game.

Once you’ve gone through all of your shots and found a stick you like it’s time to go to the video room for a debriefing. While you watch slow motion footage of your shooting you will be given more in depth information about your style and how to improve. Stay tuned for more on the post shooting breakdown in part three.

While we were there we got a few extra shots in for fun. Remember, no skates, no ice.

Check out our video with Base Hockey’s Al Iafrate:

Stay tuned to our blog, Twitter and Youtube pages as the kind folks at Base Hockey have supplied us with a few items to give away to our readers.  You definitely don’t want to miss out!

– E


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