Bauer Vapor APX Skates Announced!

According to The Hockey Shop’s Facebook ( the Bauer Vapor APX (pronounced “APEX”) is due out April 2011.  It looks exactly the same as the pair that was posted up for sale on eBay a couple months back we posted about: It seems like Bauer’s Supreme and Vapor platform will have more in common compared to previous generations.  The APX will have the highly moldable ALIVE Composite upper just like the TOTAL ONE skates.  It will also be lighter than the X:60 thanks in part to the aluminum Tuuk Fusion Steel.

Photo is property of The Hockey Shop. (click on the photo for full size.)

A couple NHL players have been spotted wearing the APX skates so far into this early NHL season; Tyler Seguin of the Boston Bruins being one of them.  The skates being worn right now aren’t the same color as the retail offerings and that’s not surprise since Bauer has a history of doing so (pro’s wearing X:60 skates dressed up to look like the Vapor XXXX prior to it’s retail release.)

Click here to see the photo of Tyler Seguin wearing the APX (Photo is property of Sky Sports.)

We haven’t seen any clear pictures of the tongue being used on the APX but we’re expecting a similar tongue from the previous two Vapor skates.  Wonder if these will be offered with the Reflex Tongue, as found on the Total ONE skates, as a custom option.

– M

44 Responses to “Bauer Vapor APX Skates Announced!”

  1. will the make them in a jr skate???

    • From what we hear the APX is going to be the replacement for the X:60 so we don’t see why they wouldn’t make a JR. model. The only exception we can think of is if they give the APX the same treatment as the Total ONE skates and only offer it as a limited skate only in senior sizing. But that would mean Bauer would also have to come out with a skate to be their “ONE100 equivalent.”

  2. Yes, These Skates Are Real. The Hockey Shop Has A Catalog With The APX In Them. The Will Be Out In Between April 1st And The 30th. I Dont Know What The Price Will Be But Im Thinking Over $600 Because When The X60’s Came Out They Were Around There.

  3. Yes, These Skates Are Real. The Hockey Shop Has A Catalog With The APX In Them. The Will Be Out In Between April 1st And The 30th. I Dont Know What The Price Will Be But Im Thinking Over $600 Because When The X60’s Came Out They Were Around There

  4. Will they only be realesed as skates? Because I wonder if bauer will make an APX Stick or equipment.

    • There’s nothing APX (other than skates) in Bauer’s 2011 catalogue but we wouldn’t be surprised if they were to extend the APX name to sticks or equipment like the Supreme Total ONE.

  5. Will the APX be offered in lower models like the X:40s and the one70s?

    • Hi Carter,

      Bauer will still be offering skates in lower price points in their Vapor line. The Vapor 7.0 will be the “Vapor equivalent” if you will of the ONE100. There will also be Vapor 6.0, 5.0 and so on, all the way to 1.0 with it being the least expensive Vapor skate.

      – M

      • Thank you; also will the Vapor 7.0 look like APX?

      • All skates in the Vapor line will look like the flagship skate but the main difference between the APX and 7.0 is the material the boot is made of. The APX will be constructed of ALIVE Composite (same as Total ONE) whereas the 7.0 will be tech mesh (similar to the X:60.)

        – M

  6. I guess they will grow on me, but I don’t really like em. If I would ever spend $800 on skates I better love em. How much in price will the x60’s go down?

    • Tough to say, shops near us are selling the ONE95 (with limited sizing available) anywhere from $300-$600 still. Most online shops are selling it towards the $280-$300 range with very limited sizing.

  7. Will the Bauer Vapor APX skate be lighter and overall better than the totalone?

    • The APX will be constructed pretty similarly to the Total ONE with the most difference in the fit, liner and tongue. They won’t weigh the same but not to the point where it’ll be enough for you to notice. We won’t be able to comment on the performance on the skate until we finally get our hands on a pair to try out… and if it fits. Both of us are currently skating in Total ONEs and loving them so we’re pretty certain the APX won’t fit our feet as nicely.

      We’re huge fans of the ALIVE Composite material used in the upper of the skates and it’s no surprise other brands are starting to jump onto this bandwagon.

      – M

  8. no felt tongue?

    • Pretty much all the felt you saw on the X:60 is what you’re going to get with the APX. If you’re referring to the more traditional felt tongue then no, not unless you go the custom route or get them added later on.

      – M

  9. Do you know how much the APX will weigh as I know the totalones weigh 675 grams?

    • The weight of the skate will vary depending on the size but most companies set their standards with a 8D. We’ve read reports of a retail Total ONE 8D weighing 695g and it seems about right. My custom 7 3/4 Total ONE skates weigh 728g but that’s because I’m using LS3 instead of the LS Fusion Steel (27% lighter) you find on the retail model.

      I haven’t seen any firm numbers on the weight of the APX yet but it should be around the same as the Total ONE since they are made with pretty much the same materials.

      We’ll throw one on our scales as soon as we get our hands on a pair.

      – M

      • Can you tell me more about the LS3’s? I recently bought a pair of TotalOnes and the guy had a photo of the label and it said “Pro” instead of “Sr” which I am assuming is Pro Stock. He told me instead of the LS2’s or the Fusion, it had LS3’s?

        Tried googling LS3’s all day and really didn’t find anything? He said it’s a beefier blade (I guess Pros need the extra durability) but I would like to know more about it.

        Also, Since you know a lot about pro stock stuff. Can you tell me how this skate might differ from the retail version? He mentioned something about the top eyelet being a little lower on the boot so the skater can flex into it? Thanks.

      • Hi Greg,

        LS2 and LS3 are made with the same type of steel except LS3 is a much taller blade. You will find LS2 on majority of skates because most players will just sharpen and skate in them out of the box. Likewise, where the LS3 comes in handy is the height. It tailors to players who need to grind off more steel in order to custom profile their skates.

        Moving the eyelets from the ‘stock’ locations can also have other effects on the skate as well such as changing the volume, or in this case the flex. There are just so many variables when it comes to custom skates because they’re made for one individual’s foot. You can experiment with many different materials, widths or construction (such as double stitching.)

        Custom/pro skates are also manufactured in Canada, not off shore like many retail skates nowadays.

        – M

      • just got the supreme total one pro skates. love the look and feel but i had a hard time skating normally. when i would turn left or right i would really feel a super strong glide into the turn, hard to explain, but just felt different…would using the LS 3’s have anything to do with that different feel. have there been any negative feed backs on the LS 3’s. do the pros really use LS 3 or do they use the LS2’s? would i be better off going with the LS2’s to get may be the more traditional non-pro feel. also i had heard that the supreme total one pro is stiffer then the stock supreme total one, is that true? may be i just need to skate in them a lil more and break them in a little bit more. do you have insight for me?

      • LS2 and LS3 steel are the same except for the height. Pros use both but LS2 is more common as most pro players skate with however the steel come out of the box and don’t really bother with custom radius or anything.

        As for the stiffness between Pro Stock and Retail it’s tough to say because every pair will be different since they are custom. Do you feel any pressure points when you skate?

        – M

  10. Will the apx be similar to the x 60s?

    • Similar in what way? If you’re talking about the materials the skate is made of, the 7.0 will be the closest to a X:60. The APX will be closer to the Total ONE in construction.

      – M

  11. is there any prostock store to buy a early pair? and what are the qualities of the u crazy light compared to apx.

    • No we haven’t seen them available anywhere.

      The U+ CL and APX fit differently so it’s not fair to compare them side by side. Both will be made of composite materials and are intended to be heat molded but they are completely different creatures. Both skates will have pros and cons about them.

      – M

  12. Claudia Says:

    Have you heard anything on whether they will have the APX in juniors? i have the X:60’s in a junior size.

    • According to the Bauer 2011 Product Catalogue the APX will come in Senior sizing only, like what happened with the Total ONE vs ONE100. The top end Junior model in the Vapor line will be the 7.0.

      – M

  13. do you know if they will be coming out with jr sizes? or a model for their junior line?

  14. are there any significant differences between the two lines?

  15. Will there be a limited edition /all black version of the vapor x7.0 like the
    supreme one100

    • We haven’t heard anything about it yet and Bauer doesn’t usually put anything LE into their catalogue but based on their current track record don’t be surprised if they do come out with one. We prefer the all black look as well versus the traditional grey/silver color scheme of the Vapor line.

      – M

  16. will the fit in width be more similar to that of the vapor line or supreme?

  17. What do you think will be better the apx, total one, or vapor 7.0?

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