Latest Player To Wear Cascade M11 Helmet

Keith Ballard of the Vancouver Canucks recently returned to the lineup sporting a Cascade M11 helmet after he suffered a concussion.  Cascade has been the leader in helmets in the lacrosse world and have been trying to tap into the hockey market in recent years.  The brand is starting to pick up and Cascade could turn out to be the prescription for players returning from head injuries in the near future.

Ballard has gone back to his CCM Vector for games but perhaps he’s just sticking with what he’s used to that’s comfortable right now.

The one piece shell construction and the unique shaped foam inside the helmet will help disperse the impact compared to traditional two piece construction models.  Cascade claims it “performs better on successive impacts than EPP foam” (Ex.  Helmets like the Bauer 5000.)

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Willie Mitchell of the LA Kings also began wearing one this year after missing almost half of last season due to a concussion from an Evgeni Malkin hit.  Mark Messier has also traded in his signature Winnwell helmet and partnered up with Cascade for “The Messier Project.”

For more information on the Cascade M11, check them out at

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6 Responses to “Latest Player To Wear Cascade M11 Helmet”

  1. just about any helmet performs better than a freaking 5000/5500/7500 helmet, that one is probably by far the worst of the worst EPP helmets. almost no impact protection, that helmet costed me one concussion and i lost a year, scott stevens lost his career from wearing that helmet too.
    The M11 is a ok helmet, the fitting is odd, the foams are very good, but feel so flimsy, there is however many levels of padding consisting of the foams, and that interesting weave as well. I have put it on and tried it but it didnt sit right, and the ventilation is a bigger much better improvement than the first Cascade.

  2. I’m a big fan of VN foam and it took forever to wean me off the CCM HT2 until they finally discontinued the model altogether a few years back. I’m using the 5500 right now, it’s the first and only EPP helmet I’ve used, but I’m considering making the switch back to CCM and getting a V08 because I considered the 4500 helmet and it’s just not quite right for the shape of my head.

    The hit you sustained sounds pretty massive and I’m certain a helmet with VN foam would’ve taken the hit better than the 5000 as I’ve read VN is better for multiple impacts. There’s still a debate as to which foams are best in certain circumstances (VN/EPP/FXPP) but the majority of players still choose their helmets based on comfort over protection.

    • I too used that HT2, i liked it, good helmet, but i didnt buy it until it was on clearance after being discontinued, shame.

      I think David Clarkson put it best, when he said that if it doesnt hurt your head while using it and feels comfortable, its probably pretty protective as well.

      I love the VN liner now, i used a 8k and it was probably the best epp type of helmet that felt good, so light and i had some spills and head shots and i know i should have been knocked out and nothing, with the mission i have its the same

      Personally i love the VN liner, it absorbs your sweat and uses that sweat for impact protection, take a hit or squeeze your helmet on your head and your sweat runs out of the foams, it uses your own water as more shock absorption! Its ridiculous and amazing. The only EPP type of helmet i would dare go back to, would have to be the bauer 9900, the foams and feel of that helmet just feels so comfortable and for the first time in years a bauer helmet has a deep lower profile for those of us with big heads.

      for your head i would say go try the v08, 5100 and 9900, it never ever hurts to try them right?

      As for me i chooose my helmets on comfort and protection.

  3. Cascade is talking out of its ass and soon will be sued. Also, Messier’s sister is a VP of the company, so he’s not exactly being objective when he promotes the thing. Everyone needs to stop acting like Cascade is the answer. In June of this year, the Better Business Bureau found that the science backing Cascade’s claims was garbage and that Cascade should stop immediately.

    • Thanks for your insight. We’re not exactly sold on the Cascade Helmets either but there is a developing trend with players returning from concussions trying out the M11. As with any company promoting their product, of course they will only market the results if they are in their favor. It wouldn’t be smart marketing to promote the flaws.

      In the following two videos: and different helmets are tested. The Easton S19 helmet is tested and you wouldn’t ever see Easton flaunting the 80mph hit vs the 60mph one.

  4. this helmet is pretty good it is very comphertible and safe but when i got hit i fell backwards andthe peice that losens it had broken off

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