Columbus Blue Jackets Unveil 3rd Jersey

The Columbus Blue Jackets unveiled their brand new 3rd jerseys a few days ago.  As a jersey collector I have always been impressed with the designs of the Blue Jackets’ uniforms and I am really liking the new styling.  I like to see third jerseys standing out from the regular home and away jerseys and Columbus has done so by removing all traces of red, adding the tie downs at the front and utilizing a new logo.

Something that we didn’t like about the Vancouver Canucks’ 3rd jerseys was they simply looked like their home uniform with a tweaked logo on the front.  The stripes were also a bit different but to this day the casual fans are still confused as to which jersey is which.  It would be nice to have a third jersey mean more than just for the sake of having a third jersey.

Since the red has been removed from this color scheme, the Blue Jackets will be wearing Blue pants with a single vertical white stripe on the sides to match these beauties.

Sad to say, it doesn’t look like the Jackets have the same design team for jerseys and mascots because regardless of whatever uniforms you throw on them they still look outrageously horrible.  Who do you guys think is the worst looking of the two mascots?  Stinger or Boomer?



Photos screen captured from the Columbus Blue Jackets Website (

– M

2 Responses to “Columbus Blue Jackets Unveil 3rd Jersey”

  1. Well, since Boomer looks like a giant Penis, I will have to say that one looks the worst

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