FIGHT THE FAKE: Canucks 40th Anniversary Jerseys

Despite being a self proclaimed “Glove whore,” I am a jersey aficionado of more than 10 years and also having worked in a couple of jersey stores myself.  With a recent spike in counterfeit jerseys during the holiday shopping season and the Canucks starting their “Fight The Fake” initiative it sparked me to write a post on what to look out for if you’re planning to buy a 40th Anniversary Canucks jersey. You don’t want to get suckered into buying a fake do you?  Being familiar with what you’re buying is the best way to avoid counterfeit jerseys.  Knowledge is your best weapon against fakes.  Read on.

Above: Some photos we found after 5 minutes of searching on Craigslist offering 40th jerseys for sale.

First off let’s go over the three different types of Reebok jerseys available: (If you haven’t read our post on Edge 1.0 vs 2.0 it may help you better understand the materials used.)


Premier: Also known as “Replica” jerseys these are the fan’s equivalent of the ones the players wear on the ice. They are made overseas with a 100% polyester two-way stretch pique fabric. All the front crests will be glued onto the jersey, there are slits on both sides of the jersey and there is a Reebok vector logo on the left sleeve. The Men’s Premier jerseys come in Small to XX-Large (up to XXXX-Large in some cases.)

Retail Authentic: These are all made in Canada with Reebok’s X-trafil four-way stretch water repellent fabric (“Edge 1.0”) Everything, and I do mean everything on this jersey is stitched, it has a fight strap, and overall is a much heavier jersey than their Premier counterparts. The only sizes made for retail are 46, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58.) Please note Reebok DOES NOT make a size 48. If you see a size 48 it is 100% fake.

Game Issued/Game Worn: They are as they sound. Game Issued jerseys are done up for a player who may play for the team but never got around to and Game Worn jerseys are well, worn by the players in a game. There is an option for Edge 1.0 (X-trafil) or Edge 2.0 (Air Knit.) The smallest size we’ve ever seen was a 54 with the largest being 60.  These do not have the black Reebok tag inside the jersey above the size tag like the Retail Authentics.

Your 40th Jersey will either have the 40th Anniversary patch or it won’t. Many reputable sporting goods stores or specialty jersey shops will carry the 40th Jerseys without the patch but only the official Vancouver Canucks Team Store will sell it with such patch. All the counterfeits we have seen of this jersey include the patch so that’s what I’ll focus on.  Also keep in mind these only come in white.  If you see a blue jersey with the 40th patch it’s safe to say it’s fake.

THERE ARE NO RETAIL AUTHENTIC JERSEYS WITH THE 40TH PATCH. I REPEAT, THERE ARE NO RETAIL AUTHENTIC JERSEYS WITH THE 40TH PATCH!  Retail Authentics (made of Edge 1.0) do exist but they will not have the 40th Anniversary patch.

Since the patch is exclusive to the Canucks Team Store, they only sell the Premier jerseys, NO AUTHENTICS! If you are buying a 40th Anniversary jersey with a patch and fight strap it is most likely fake! Why do I say “most likely” and not “for sure”?

The only legitimate 40th Anniversary jerseys with the fight strap and patch are Game Issued/Game Worn jerseys. The 40th Jersey only came in Edge 2.0 so if yours isn’t Air Knit it’s fake. If you wanted one the only way to obtain one is to be one of the 24 lucky fans on December 18, 2010 when Vancouver played Toronto and won one off a player’s back OR buy a game worn directly from the Vancouver Canucks’ Director of Retail Operations. If you got one with a fight strap and 40th patch by any other means then I can assure you it is a fake.

Are you unsure about the authenticity of your jersey? Take some pictures and drop us a line and we can help you out. Stay away from buying your jerseys on eBay, Craigslist or anywhere online unless you absolutely know what you are doing.

What do you do if you happen to buy a fake?  In previous years the Montreal Canadiens offered a program where consumers can trade in their counterfeit jerseys for a discount on a legitimate jersey.  The Vancouver Canucks should be following suit soon.

Also check out the Canucks’ Fight The Fake page:

– M

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  2. Almost all 40th Aniversary Jerseys have been sold out by the Canucks team store, so this is a great article for people trying to buy them on fan sites and craigslist.

    • I didn’t mention this in the post but I hope consumers will also use their common sense and automatically red flag the offers that are simply too good to be true.

      Getting the numbers stitched onto a 40th Jersey alone through the Canucks Team Store already costs $80+tax and I’ve seen some of these terrible fakes (with numbers) go for $100 or less.

      – M

  3. Hey, great post. I wanted to ask what you make of a seller like rockeymountainsports on ebay. I’ve attached a link with a Henrik jersey. I thought that something like this would be the edge 1.0 but it’s sizing is in letters so therefore (going off your descriptions of rbk jersey types), I take it that this is a replica jersey? The part that confuses me is that it’s description is saying that the stitching is all official etc. whereas your description of replicas stated that material is glued on. Thanks for your time.


    • Hi Vik and thanks for your question.

      From everything we’ve seen Pacific Coast Cresting/Rocky Mountain Sports sell, they’ve all been legit. In the link you posted, yes that is a real replica jersey. Where this term comes from is back when CCM made jerseys they referred to the on-ice game jerseys as “Authentic” and the fan’s equivalent as “Replica.” Reebok now refers to the fan’s equivalent as “Premier” but many still use the term Replica. “Replica” does not necessarily mean it is counterfeit.

      This particular seller looks like they will stitch their numbers onto the jersey. Certain places like will glue the back and arm numbers on. Where you may be a bit confused is on the “Premier” jersey, the front crest will be glued on. Only the Authentic On-Ice jerseys will have the front crest stitched directly onto the jersey.

      I hope this helps. Let us know should any other questions arise.

      – M

  4. I’m concerned that I might have bought a fake from an authorized retailer, because my premier/replica H. Sedin jersey has the name & numbers stitched to it instead of glued…the front patches are all glued, and the shoulder patches are that plasticky material then stitched to the shoulder…did I make a huge mistake? 😦 I’m really upset at the tought of it 😦

    • Brandy,

      First, where did you purchase your jersey from?

      Based on what you have mentioned it sounds like you have purchased a REAL Reebok Premier jersey. The front crest on the Premiers are glued onto the jersey and the shoulder patches are screened on, then stitched directly onto the jersey. Depending on who did the name and numbers, they could be stitched or glued on.

      All the jerseys crested directly from Reebok (including the ones you buy from, big retailers like Sportchek, Champs Sports, Blue Line Sports, etc.) will have the name and numbers glued on. The Canucks Team Store is one place we know of where the name and numbers are stitched.

      Other than that, from what you described the jersey sounds legit but if you want to make sure, upload a picture and we can tell you right away.

      Most of the fakes we’ve seen are copies of the Authentic On-Ice Jerseys (with fight straps) and those are the only jerseys that should have the front logos stitched.

      – M

  5. Hey, so I bought a Kesler authentic off of someone on Craigslist today. Everything checks out, as I was wearing a Premier when I bought it, and it felt/looked different.

    I’m a little critical though, because going on Fight The Fake, there are a few differences with the orca and some of the embroidering (theres a papery substance where the Vancouver is stitched). If this isn’t real, then it’s a really, really good fake.

    The stitching for the Numbers/Name was done at Cyclone Taylor’s so I know that’s legit. I was wondering if you guys could help me out. Here are some pics:


    Arm number Embroidering

    Part of the “Vancouver” embroidering upclose


    Entire front inside

    Thanks for the help!

    • Mike,

      What size is the jersey?

      A couple things don’t jive. If it were a Premier Jersey, the front logos would all be glued onto the jersey and there will be a jock tag with the size on the front. Are the shoulder patches screened as well? It’s a bit hard to tell from the photos. Does the jersey have a fight strap? Reebok vector logo on the left sleeve? Where does the jersey say it’s made in? Canada? Indonesia?

      Everything on an On-Ice Authentic Jersey should be a patch and stitched onto the jersey. You should only see an outline of the Z stitching and it shouldn’t be embroidered directly onto the jersey UNLESS it is a Youth S/M or L/XL jersey. If it is an adult jersey, it will not be stitched like the one you have shown. Also, the shape of the bottom hems of the jersey does not look like an On-Ice Authentic. It should have a dip in the middle, a coat-tail we call it.

      We can give you a more conclusive answer after knowing a little bit more about the jersey.

      – M

      • Sorry, I should have been a little more clear. I was wearing my old Premier Replica during the sale, I was BUYING a jersey.

        The guy sold me a Retail Authentic. Size 52. Shoulder patches look stitched. After reading your post on Xtrafil and Air Knit, it looks like this is made of Xtrafil. The jersey DOES have a fight strap, and it doesn’t look as cheap as a fake one. There is no reebok vector logo on the left sleeve. Made in Canada.

        From the looks of everything, everything seems like it’s a patch, because I can see stitching done on both shoulder patches, letters and even the Orca logo. I can take more pics if you’d like me to. There is no coat-tail, so that’s why I’m a little worried right now.

        That was a really quick response, I appreciate the help!

      • I’d also question as to whether or not the stitching was actually done at Cyclone Taylors. Did the seller show you a receipt or are you simply taking his word for it? I have dealt with the W 49th and Oak location before and they don’t do this type of stitching.

        Based on the photos you provided the numbers are stitched directly onto the jersey unlike the conventional “Z-Stitching.”

        Also, I have never seen Reebok use the backing required on a Men’s jersey. The only reason you’d need the backing is if you were embroidering directly onto the jersey. The 7187 Authentics should have patches Z-stitched onto the jersey… no need for the backing.

        Are there slits on the bottom sides of the jersey as well? The shape of the jersey still looks off. Are the shoulder patches embroidered or are they screen printed and then stitched onto the jersey?

        – M

  6. ^Scratch that, there is a dip at the bottom, albeit a very SLIGHT one.

    • I’m taking his word for it as he is a hockey player himself, and he seemed to know what he was talking about. He said he bought the jersey out at a Reebok store in Oregon while he was buying jerseys for his team, he says he has the packaging from it, I just need to ask to see that. Apparently this is last years model, so that’s where I think things get a little sketchy.

      I took a closer look at the jersey, and it is Z-stitched.

      He said he added the name and numbers AFTER he had bought the jersey. He said did the job at Cyclone Taylors. The backing is the papery part on the patches right?

      There are slits at the bottom of the jersey. As for the shoulder patches, they are screen printed (like a premier) and stitched onto the jersey, that’s a difference I notice (I have a premier jersey as well.) I know about the embroidered patches, The Hockey Shop is trying to sell their Edge Authentics for 150 right now and I had considered buying one. I know for a fact that this feels different from the premier, its texture is a little rougher, and reading the inside tag, it says Xtrafil.

      • Oh, and I may have been lazy and didnt completely pull the jersey out to its full shape, my bad on that one.

      • Also, the inside care tag, and the CCM size tag also have spanish on them, so I don’t know if that means anything, but I’d just note that as to this probably being a US version

      • Mike,

        All signs are pointing to the jersey you purchased from this individual as a counterfeit, albeit this is one of the ‘better’ fakes we’ve seen. Without having inspected it up close in real life there is also the possibility someone taking a Premier jersey and adding “Authentic” characteristics to it. While this is rare, it is not impossible as we have seen it done before. The jock tag on the front and Reebok Vector logo on the left sleeve are easily removable.

        On a legit size 52 Authentic jersey with a fight strap you wouldn’t find the same features that a Premier jersey would have. In this case your jersey has the two slits on the side AND screened patches.

        Having worked in a sports memorabilia store at the time of the Reebok Edge Jersey’s introduction, I can assure you nothing about the retail jersey has changed other than the black tag on the newer ones will read “Reebok” instead of “RBK.” The first exterior change to the jerseys will come in the 2011/2012 season when the Reebok word mark will appear above the name bar replacing the current Vector logo.

        Check out this picture of a game worn Canucks Jersey:

        Disregard the extra fight strap on the front but notice you can only see the outline of all the letters and the front crest. There shouldn’t be any backing whatsoever. The stitching for the cresting (name and numbers) should be the same. I have used Cyclones in the past for cresting and this is uncharacteristic of them to use this type of embroidery.

        – M

  7. Alright, that’s good to know. I kind of figured something was a bit off with the stitching of the lettering with that papery substance (although I can peel it off and it looks fine.).

    It looks like someone had tried to put on a second orca on the inside of the jersey, although I can tell it isn’t glued on like my premier jersey.

    I’m just sort of happy that this jersey isn’t blatantly fake, I compared it side by side to my premier replica; and just by aesthetics, they look very similar. It isnt until you turn them inside out is where you see a difference. for example, with the fight strap, it looks exactly the same as the one in the picture on the “Fight the Fake” website.

    Thank you very much for the help, it sucks that I have a counterfeit, but at least it’s passable (not a good thing, but still, better than the really bad fakes I see a lot.)

    • I don’t know if this Craigslist ad will still be up if you see this but, this is it:

      • One thing I noticed right away from the photos on the Craigslist ad is how thin the material is. Even on the Premier jerseys it’s not so thin to the point where you can see the crest on the other side of the jersey.

        When the price is too good to be true, often times it is. If he is selling the jersey for $120 to get back “what he paid for it”, I’m not sure exactly how much he spent on putting on the name/number but I’ll use $80 as a guide since that’s what the Canucks Team Store would charge.

        We can deduce he spent perhaps $40 or so for the jersey? I can’t get into specific details but I can tell you for a retail store to bring in even a PREMIER jersey the cost is greater than $40 from Reebok. An On-Ice Authentic Jersey would be considerably more.

        But hey, at least the lettering looks to be the right font.

        – M

  8. I’m just happy it isn’t blatantly fake (it’s passable in my eyes when doing a side by side with my premier). You’ve been a great help, I’ll make sure to keep an eye on more things and really think about purchasing another jersey (probably from a reputable retailer, especially with them trying to unload the 2010 model for the upcoming 2011 ones like you said)

    Thank you very much!

    • There’s no better deals than the $150 at The Hockey Shop like you mentioned (Cyclones and has them too!) Reebok was running a promo a while back for retailers and was offering deep discounts on these. I doubt the sale prices will drop any lower… $150 is below cost compared to what retailers could buy them for at the beginning of the season! Talk about Reebok totally misjudging how many authentic jerseys to sell which resulted in a huge surplus!

      – M

      • I was looking at the $149.99 “RBK Pro” Vancouver Canucks jerseys sold at Cyclone Taylor. Do you know how this is different than the Authentic jersey sold at Rogers Arena?
        I was told the only difference is the RBK vs REEBOK tags.

        Is this Edge 1.0 or Edge 2.0 material?
        Is this the same as the 7187 jersey?
        Never thought buying a real jersey was so complex.


      • They’re the same Edge 1.0 Jersey. 7187 = Edge 1.0, 7287 would be the 2.0 and that is not available in retail… only team stock.

        Reebok is changing the logo on the back from the Vector logo to “Reebok” next year and offered deep discounts to retailers they unloaded these authentic jerseys to. At $150, don’t even consider the Premier jerseys.

        – M

  9. just one question? What is so wrong with buying a replica/fake?
    Why is it such a passion towards you? I am a big sports fan, but i have a family that consists of 3 hockey fanatic sons. How would i be able to afford jerseys for all of them at $120/piece, its much smarter (economically) for me to buy replica’s for $60. I’ve bought them in the past, the quality isn’t as drastic of a difference as you describe, and they do give everyone a chance to respresent the team they love

    • By “Replica” we are referring to the Reebok Premier jerseys and “Fakes” would be counterfeits.

      As jersey collectors we have no interest in purchasing or dealing with knockoffs.

      The difference in quality between the Reebok On-Ice Authentic and Premier jerseys is actually quite drastic. The shoulder patches on the Premier vs Authentic jersey is a dead giveaway. But when it comes to fakes the quality is even worse. Not only are you getting an inferior quality jersey (made of who knows what?) but when you buy a fake but you also aren’t supporting your favorite team financially. Knockoff merchandise, not just jerseys, in the past have been linked to funding criminal organizations as well.

      We are trying to bring awareness to people who are interested in purchasing a legitimate hockey jersey but don’t want to get ripped off. We have seen countless fake jerseys sold through the internet and the buyers have no clue they just bought a knockoff.

      If you want to “give everyone a chance to represent the team they love” there are other ways of demonstrating this rather than buying the latest and greatest jerseys. T-shirts and discontinued jerseys from previous seasons can be had for cheap.

      – M

  10. Mike, that jersey is definitely fake. I’m fairly certain the collar tag should not say “REEBOK” on a home blue jersey. These newer REEBOK collar tagged jerseys are for the 3rd/alternates/allstars in my experience. The home and away retailed jerseys should have the standard “RBK” collar tag.

    In addition, a more accurate way of going about determining fake edge jerseys and authentic edge jerseys is to go by the size of the shoulder patches. The counterfeits are flimsy like the ones found on the RBK premier jerseys whereas the authentic ones are huge, thick patches that simply will not lay flat short of you forcing a deep fold in the middle of the patch.

    Hope this helps.

    • Yes we haven’t seen any “Reebok” tagging on the current home/away authentic jerseys yet but they do appear on the Premiers… which I did not want to confuse people with.

      – M

  11. Heres a couple pictures to illustrate what I was getting at:

  12. Just bought a Canucks away Kesler Edge from Game On Sports regular price $299 plus $90 for cresting but got the whole package for about $220.
    It seems to pass all the tests but does not have the elbow rienforcements.
    I contacted Reebok/CCM and am still awaiting official word from them. My concern is that it was advertised as “on ice” exactly as the players wear. Can you clarify the elbow question for me?

    • Troy,

      Retail NHL On-Ice Authentic Jerseys are made of X-trafil and referred to as “Edge 1.0” which do not have double-elbows. This is what the players wore when Reebok first introduced X-trafil and the Edge Uniform System. Many of the players didn’t like this new material so what they are actually wearing on the ice now are “Edge 2.0” and they are not available at the retail level.

      On an Edge 2.0 jersey you’ll find it’s cut to mimic an Edge jersey but it’s comprised mostly of Air-Knit (but the back plate of the jersey is still X-trafil) and only these types of jerseys will have double elbows.

      Game On Sports is a legitimate dealer based out of Alberta. I have worked for the owner, Wayne, in the past and they are good guys to deal with.

      Let us know if you have any further questions.

      – M

      • Thanks for the info. I kind of figured thats what yhe situation would be. It is a cool jersey and I will continue to wear it proudly.
        I have a question about anoyter Canucks jersey. I bought what I believe is a fake (although a good one) It is a home thowback. It looks good but the crest is the old stle thin stick on the predominately blue background. Although I have seen others wear a similar combo, I cannot find any photos of the Canucks wearing this particular set-up. Can you clarify. This crest is not the same as thier current third jersey (which I also own) but more the 70s style.



  13. Hi I was thinking about buying this jersey but I can’t find to find it in store. I resorted to craigslist I saw this ad. I’m wondering can this be true? or to good to be true? Just want your opinion

  14. Hi, I’m going to buy my very first jersey to ROOT on the Canucks !! Go Canucks GO!!! … but i dont no where would be legit and at a good price .. if you could points me to a place that would be awesome ..

  15. Wondering if this site is selling legit jerseys…

    Was thinking of purchasing the “authentic” Burrows with Stanley Cup Finals patch. Please advise!

    thanks 🙂

  16. i’m going to go check out a craigslist jersey tmrw. i’m not too sure about which one he has, either the premier or retail auth. i’m doing some reading and jotting down notes but maybe you can help by giving me a break down of what needs to be on the jersey for it to be real. any help is mucho appreciated. thanks.

    • Posting pictures would be the easiest.

      – M

      • 10-4. i’m gonna check it out in a few hours. i’ve already jotted fown some notes to make sure i do’nt get totally scammed. i’ll post pics up soon. thanks.

      • actually i wanted to ask, since its a 40th i’m looking at, under any circumstance will there be a name on the back? i know the orig release did not have a name block but i thought i saw a luongo one with the patch and name. if anyone can chime in it would be greatly appreciated. let me know! thanks!

      • Legit 40th jerseys will not have names on the back.

        – M

      • if it has a name bar its fake. there should be no room for a name bar. as well you can only get the jerseys with the patch from the canuck store enless he bought the jersey and patch sepratly and sewed it on. if the numbers are rounded insted of square at ends its fake and if it doesnt have a my nhl hologram tag with the rbk tags its fake

      • Only the jerseys purchased directly from the Canucks Store with the patches already sewn on are legit. If you find loose 40th patches anywhere else it’s counterfeit.

        – M

      • And I also read that the 40th only come in the reebok replicas right? Which means the front patches are only glued on. I think he said all the patches are sewn on and it doesn’t look like it has the reebok size patch on the bottom. Also it seems like the size is in # form rather than letters. I’m a bit iffy seeing that they all kind of don’t match up.

      • The 40th jersey does come in both Authentic and Replica. The retail Authentic jerseys only come in Edge 1.0 and WITHOUT the 40th patch. Only the Canucks Team Store is licensed to sell the patch and they did not carry any Authentic 40ths, just the Premier version. “Authentic” 40th Anniversary jerseys with the fight strap do exist, but only if you’re buying a game issued or game worn jersey. If it’s anything but, it’s fake.

        Since Authentic 40th jerseys (with the patch) only came in team stock, there will only be 56, 58, 58+, and goalie cut, no exceptions.

        – M

      • yes replica is only reebok and glued on authentic is stitched on. if its a replica it should have a reebok logo on the left sleeve. ask him where he got the jersey from and if it came with the 40th patch on it. if it wasnt from canuck store or he put patch on himself its a fake and if its size 48 fake. put up a pic if possible

      • well i’m gonna go check it out now. i’ll post a pic if i end up grabbing it. wish me luck that i dont get chumpped.

    • I’m going with fake. The price is too good to be true and he is using a stock photo for a jersey of this caliber. This jersey should fetch at least in the $200 range.

      – M

      • wasnt so much the price it was the style of jersey for being a ccm and the 9’s look different then pick of him playing. what would be best way to find out without buying it first

      • It won’t be a CCM AND 40th… could it be a CCM Vintage?

        – M

  17. it looks like it is a reebok style jersey with the ccm patch and the #9 looks different that is what’s throwing me off

  18. Hey all! Wanting to buy an authentic 40th Anniversary Canucks jersey from the website… I have a patch I bought from Rogers Arena and will get it sewn on no problem…. BUT I go on the website and set up the jersey I want with good ol 33 on the back… and get the “C” put on the front… and in the picture they display on the page… when I put the “C” on the jersey… it looks totally different that the “C” thats actually on the Canucks jerseys… hope that makes sense?

    Basically the “C” looks like it belongs on the regular home jerseys… and not the larger blockier C thats on the 40th Anni. Jerseys…

    Can anyone confirm IF the authentic 40th Anniversary Jerseys come with that blockier C from

    Cheers in advance!!!!

    • Which patch are you referring to? The Canucks Store has never sold the 40th patch loose. If you are referring to the Stanley Cup Finals patches the Canucks Team Store will only apply those to the Home and Away jerseys as those are the only styles being worn in the 2011 Playoffs.

      The “C” on the front of the 40th should be the “blockier” style like you’ve mentioned but I cannot say if will do the same type of cresting. Around many jersey circles everybody avoids like the plague because the quality of materials they use is inferior and they are heat pressed (glued on.) Even when they have promos where the name and numbers are applied for free many collectors still don’t bite.

      I would get the name and numbers done properly through the Canucks Team Store. They get their retail jerseys done up at the same place that does the players’ on-ice jerseys. No other shops can make this claim and it doesn’t get more authentic than this. Their turnaround time is 2-4 weeks but it’s worth the wait if you want it done correctly.

      – M

  19. Hey there, I just purchased a number 17 kesler away 40th anniversary jersey with the name on the back and a fight strap. It says it`s a size 50 reebok. Is this fake, I work with the man who sold it to me, saying his friend bought a over stock of them and wants to sell them all. Should I get the police involved if it is.

    Thanks for the help.

    • Sounds like you might’ve gotten duped on this one. First off, 40th Anniversary jerseys will only have numbers, absolutely no names!

      The only 40th Anniversary Jerseys, with the 40th patch and the fight strap, were only made available to the team in Edge 2.0 (Air-Knit) only. So unless you purchased a game worn or a team issued 40th Anniversary jersey, it is most likely a counterfeit.

      Retail Edge 1.0 Authentic Jerseys were sold through many retailers but they do not bear the 40th Anniversary patch. The Canucks Team Store never sold these patches loose so it’s highly unlikely that 40th jerseys with a fight strap AND 40th patch are made available. I believe the cheapest game worn ones went for $500+

      – M

  20. im looking at a 40th jersey and on the inside tag it says L/G insted of 50 it doesnot have a patch and is store bought replica everything looks legit except for that tag is it proper?


    can you tell me if this is fake. he says its authentic but the 9’s on it look different then the ones they use right now if you look at ryan smyth the 9 is rounded.
    much appreciated

    • Tough to tell if the jersey is fake based on those pictures alone but the font on the name and numbers is WAY off. Plus, Gretz never wore this style and you would be committing a huge jersey foul. I’d pass on this one.

      – M

  22. Alberta Says:

    Real or fake?

    Arms said to be too long and so they had it trimmed down.

    • That jersey is legit. The arms have been hemmed like you mentioned. The jersey was purchased outside of the Canucks Team Store (as it does not have the 40th Anniversary Patch.) In my opinion, the 40th Anniversary Patch is the whole point of getting a 40th Anniversary jersey but if you don’t mind that and the jersey is in your budget, go for it.

      – M

  23. I recently received a 40th Anniversary Jersey for my birthday… while I’m certain the jersey itself is legit, I’m curious about the patch… the numbers in 1970-2010 are connected to each other with a single thread, which I understood was a sign of a “lower quality” patch. Is this the case on other 40th jerseys with patches purchased from the Team Store?

    I’d ask where it was obtained but given that it was a gift, I think that would be a bit of a faux pas.

  24. Mike,

    I am about to buy a jersey on Craiglist (affordable hockey fans player shop) and I’m curious if it’s real. The size patch says s/m shouldn’t it only say S on the patch on the bottom of the shirt?

  25. j3sjam2478 Says:

    I see that you said all jerseys have the Vector on the left sleeve, but I see quite a few that dont, and even source sports sells Canucks jerseys without the vector. So is the Vector a sure fire way to tell if its fake or not and if so how can sourse sell these jerseys for 199$?

    • Only the Premier jerseys will have the Vector logo on the sleeve. Some stores have been selling next year’s stock which will have the Reebok wordmark logo on the back (above where the name plate would go) and on the left sleeve. The On-Ice Authentic jerseys will not have these logos on the sleeve.

      Reebok was clearing out On-Ice Authentic jerseys to retailers for dirt cheap a couple months back because they had way too much stock. This is why they can sell it for so cheap.

      – M

  26. hey guys i have a question to..i just recently bought a kesler stanley cup jersey…i think its 100 percent real but i have one question…

    it dosnt have a size on the front botom left like ive seen
    i was wondering if the game worn jerseys dont have the size on it..

  27. hey, my friend told me about a company that sells jerseys. they’re called suffleshopper. i think they have a facebook page, just serach the name. any ideas about this place? i called them and talked to a sale rep and they said they are a reputable/authentic reebok jersey seller and they get their stuff from the reebok factory. asked about a stanley cup jersey and they have them for 150, double polyester or something. any ideas? whats the word on the street as i would like to get my hands of a stanley cup one. my buddy bought a 40th from them i can try to get pics but the jersey seems all good, edge 1.0, stiching is all on, colors look good etc etc. let me know! thanks!

    • We looked that up on Facebook and nothing jersey related came up. You will need to provide us with a link. Just a warning that anything with “wholesale” written all over it will be fake. There’s no reason why Reebok would skip their traditional methods of distribution and sell to these so-called “wholesalers.”

      – M

      • Sorry I ment to say shuffleshopper. If u google the name it pops up.

      • Honestly I would avoid this place for a variety of reasons, not including the fact no one has heard of these guys before.

        #1 – They do not have a website… after a quick Google search they are putting ads on Kijiji and Craigslist and getting sales through Facebook. It does not sound like a legit business… at least not a licensed business.
        #2 – They post up a cell phone number for you contact. I’m not sure what types of stores operate through a cell phone number alone. It’s not hard for the seller to cut off his phone after the fact, especially if it is the pay as you go type.
        #3 – They only use stock photos. This practice is fine if you are a well established company like Sportchek or but when you’re a nobody and still using stock photos that draws red flags left, right and center. Anybody can easily steal pictures off the internet.

        Also looking on their Facebook page they posted a list of what’s available for sale… it has not been updated for 2 months and everything is listed as Out of Stock.

        Take your business elsewhere to be safe.

        – M

  28. I understand that the Canucks team store at the arena had a very limited number of the authentic on ice 40th anniversary jerseys. They were made for the club,but never worn. Sizes 58,58+,and 58G. They were not put on the floor for sale,you had to ask for one,and it was brought out from the stock room. $369.00 plus tax. I am not sure why the team didn’t have them for sale like the other authentics? Any thoughts on this?

    • This was a huge mistake on the store’s part because they made the assumption that nobody was going to spend $369 + tax for a Retail Authentic 40th Jersey after struggling with sales of the blank Home, Away, and Thirds for $329 in previous seasons. They were too far into the game to start bringing out Retail Authentic 40ths mid-season so they ended up pulling a couple Team Stocks for a few die hard collectors. Did you manage to pick one up?

      – M

      • I did manage to obtain 2 of them. 58+ and a 58G. I haven’t decided if I am going to have the store number them for me or not? If yes,I would go with #17 and #1. I know,not original,but I do like both players. As of last Sunday,I believe they had one 58G left? I would have never known about them if it wasn’t for a store employee who told me they had a couple of authentics when I was deciding on a premier of the same jersey. As stated,BIG MISTAKE not making them available to the public. They would have sold many of them. IMO. Beautiful jersey.

      • For myself it was either team stock or nothing. I cannot stand the poor quality of the Premier jerseys.

        – M

      • I must’ve talked to the same employee, as they brought one out from the manager’s special stock. I picked up a size 56 Authentic with the 40th patch at the team store before the playoffs last year. I had them put number 12 with the C in honour of my favourite Canuck. Too bad Smyl only got to wear the blue, green and white in training camp and his first year of pre-season games…
        it’s nice to know how rare these jerseys are.

      • Sounds like you were one of the lucky few that got their hands on a team issue. 2-3 player cuts and 1 goalie cut made it to the Outlet store towards the end of the 2010-2011 season.

        – M

  29. Did you manage to get one? if yes,did you have it numbered? The fakes to me are VERY obvious. You can tell them from a distance most of the time. Letter/number shape,logo design,colour…….

    • I have a size 56 Edge 2.0 and I was planning to get it crested with #25 but Shirokov did not play in this jersey. The fakes aren’t even close… what annoys me even more are the people who buy a retail Authentic 1.0 but stitch a knockoff 40th patch on it.

      – M

  30. psychochilla Says:

    I bought one of the older navy blue and maroon home jerseys last year online and I’ve been curious as to whether or not it is a fake. I’ve only been able to find detailed information on determining if the newer jerseys are fake or not.

    The pictures are bad because I took them with my webcam but I hope you can help me despite this…

    The outline of the numbers is silver but it looks white in the pictures for some reason.

    Back #1:

    Back #2:

    Inside out back:


    Fight strap:

    Sewn on NHL crest on the back bottom right of the Jersey:

    Thanks 🙂

  31. Winston Says:

    It there any difference in quality of the work between the Hockey Shop and Pacific Coast Cresting?

    I was about to take my authentic jersey to the Hockey Shop to get the work done, but then read about PCC and they are a lot closer.

    Does anyone know if either shop uses an embroidered nameplate on the back like the game jerseys?

    • I’ve never dealt with Pacific Coast so it would be unfair for me to make any comments about them. Out of all the comments and pictures I’ve seen from people who have purchased from them it looks like they use the correct fonts but I don’t know about the quality of twill they use.

      On the other hand I have had work done by Aaron at The Hockey Shop and he does them pretty much up to spec.

      Are you getting a retail Authentic done up?

      – M

      • Winston Says:

        I’m having a retail authentic third done and have been losing a bit of sleep trying to decide which shop to go to as I wanted it done right the first time.

        I’m going to give Pacific Coast a try from all the positive reviews I have read from the searching I have done. I have a 40th I want to do as well but I will decide after I get this first jersey back and post up some pictures then.

      • Would you be looking for a X-trafil name bar as well? I would check to see which shop has the material in stock as well.

        Have you looked into the Canucks Team Store as well? I got a retail Authentic Home done through them 4 years ago and back then it was horrible. They’ve since changed cresting companies and the quality of work has improved. They used very poor quality twill on my jersey before and believe it or not the edges of the numbers on the back have a hue of blue on them now. I’ve never washed it and it’s interesting seeing colors bleed like this.

        – M

  32. michelle Says:

    Is this website legit?


    and thanks again for the very informative post

    • Were you looking to buy a 40th Anniversary jersey from them? They sell legit 40th jerseys but the 40th patch they offer as an add on for $22USD is a knockoff. I am a huge stickler for accuracy as well and they are putting names and Stanley Cup Final patches on these jerseys as well…

      Unless you are looking for a 40th jersey that is blank with no patches… I’d take my business elsewhere.

      – M

      • michelle Says:

        I was interested in one of the Premier Replicas actually. Other than what you have mentioned, are the other jerseys okay to purchase?

        Many thanks 🙂

      • michelle Says:

        Oops I misread your reply! Oh well, I guess I will just have to make that trip to Vancouver.

        Thanks and take care!

      • The Vancouver Canucks Team Store will ship as well. Their jersey prices are a bit higher than other retailers but there’s no other place to get a legitimate 40th Anniversary Patch, which in my opinion, is the whole point of getting that jersey.

        – M

      • Winston Says:

        It is too bad they don’t make Authentics with the 40th patch. My brother got a great deal on one without the patch and while it looks good, the patch does make the jersey.

      • Is there any place that still sells the 40th Anniversary jersey? I can’t find any.

      • If you’re looking for one with the 40th patch then no. 40th jerseys without the patch might still be lurking around at some retailers. Your best bet at this time is to try the second hand market.

        – M

  33. James K Says: is a fantastic site with even better customer service. They sell real, Reebok licensed Premier and EDGE jerseys and NHLPA certified, in-house stitching is offered. I purchased a blank Canucks home Premier and had it custom stitched and I absolutely love it. On sale it was $172 shipped to my door. While I can’t speak for their 40th Anniversary patches, everything else they sell is completely legit. Here’s a pic of the back of it:

  34. R sports in bassett place is selling fake jerseys!!! this is in el paso texas there number is 915-613-9769 no answer

  35. colors on sleeves are off big time also they put a captain badge on it and are selling stitched jerseys for 98.00$ i bought a chicago bears jersey color on sleeve is gray instead of blue badge is not available to public and all stars are colored and only three should be or less

  36. What does it matter? Save 90 percent by buying fake. Who cares what sweat shop it’s made from.

    • There are no factors that will benefit consumers from purchasing a fake over the real deal (you could argue price as the only exception.) There are many other options available (such as t-shirts and hats) for fans who want to show support for their team but cannot afford a jersey. If someone REALLY wanted a jersey it’s very easy to find a legitimate one that is gently worn on eBay or Craigslist for prices similar to what the Chinese knockoffs are going for.

      – M

      • GP Stephenson Says:

        I agree with M. I’d much rather support my team, and the league, rather than criminals.

  37. Hi, I have two questions I was hoping you wouldn’t mind answering (thank you!):

    1. Do you know whether is legitimate? Here’s a link to the Canucks premier jersey:

    2. Also, do you know whether the Canucks have a name bar? If they do, what kind (air knit, etc.)? I only ask because another poster got a jersey stitched with a name bar and I was under the impression that the Canucks don’t use one at all.

  38. legit ?

    and just a question..
    why do the women jerseys have a slightly smaller logo/deeper colour in other pictures on this website ?

    i spent an hour reading this, hahah. it’s so complicated !!

    • Anything you buy from will be legit. The quality of their application of names and numbers are questionable though.

      Due to the cut and size of the Women’s jerseys, they won’t be made to the same proportions as the Men’s ones.

      – M

  39. I purchased a premier jersey and there are no Reebok logos at all, just the word Reebok on the back of the neck, the left sleeve, and on the stitching with the size of the jersey on the front in the bottom left.

    Would this jersey be counterfeit?

    • Reebok changed their branding from the “Vector” to the “Wordmark” logo. These jerseys were sold towards the end of last season and the beginning of this year.

      – M

  40. I purchased a Reebok premier jersey, but there are no Reebok logos. Just the word Reebok. Would this be a fake of a replica?

  41. Hey !
    How does this look to you, the 40th patch looks fake, and from what I understand, there shouldn’t be a fight strap unless it was a game-issued one but I don’t think it is because it is a 52… and

  42. I find one of the easiest ways to tell a real/fake 40th jersey is by looking at the design of the collar. On legit jersies, both Edge and Premier, the blue and white will merge with the green before the green right and left merge together at the tip. On the majority of fakes, the blue/white/green is its own stripe until they all meet at the tip. Otherwise, they are really poorly replicated merging of the blue/white prior to the green. Hope that makes sense.

    • Thanks for your tip Ron. I also find the front crest on the fakes are also an easy giveaway on the authenticity. The fakes still cannot find a way to produce them without a significant amount of bubbling (even though the real ones are prone to bubbling over time as well.)

      – M

  43. Do you know if this site is legit?:
    I’m curious about their CCM 550 vintage jerseys – the 1980’s Canucks flying V in black is still available on this site when it is out of stock at most other retailers…
    Thanks for all your info on the 40th anniversary Canucks jerseys!

  44. Hi, I bought a 40 anniversary Kesler jersey, white, its a CCM with a RBX-CCM tag, it is size 48? does ccm make size 48, im concerend now

  45. Is this authentic?

  46. Hi, I don’t know anything about hockey, but my brother wanted a jersey for his birthday. I found this site:

    and so I bought a jersey from them. Even I can tell it’s a fake and I’ve never even been close to a hockey jersey before. I sent an email telling them I knew it was a fake but they keep insisting it is authentic. I know it is not -for a start, it was sent from China and has a “made in Canada” tag – which is a dead giveaway. Plus, there is no Reebok vector or “Reebok” on left arm. Stitching is vile too. How can I report this website so that they are closed down. I’m really frustrated with them.

    Can I report them to NHL and the Canucks?

  47. That last link is the jersey I bought. The one I received doesn’t have the tag on the bottom front either.

  48. I bought my jersey from and it didn’t come with the “40 Patch”. Do you know if the patches were released my themselves? I found some on ebay but I’m not sure they’re real.

    • Hi Adrian,

      Only the 40th jerseys purchased from the Canucks Team Store will have the patch. They were never sold loose. All the individual patches you see up on eBay are counterfeits/replicas.

      – M

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