Total One Graphics Update

After watching the NHL All Star Skills Competition I noticed the ever increasing amount of players using the Total One stick. And then I noticed something unique about those very Total Ones. Every player using one has the standard yellow graphics package adorning their stick. That is, except for Eric Staal.

He can be seen above congratulating Michael Grabner after his victory in the fastest skater competition. I took a further look into previous photos of Eric Staal to see if this was a special one time all star stick, or if it had been issued earlier. The following are two photos of Staal. One in a game against the New York Islanders, and the second against the Atlanta Thrashers. The game in Atlanta took place on December 16th 2010, proving that the stick is not a one game special.

This begs the question. Will Bauer start introducing the Total One in multiple color packages for NHL teams, and will this filter down to the retail version? I am inclined to believe they will, as this is exactly how the original Bauer One95 stick progressed. It debuted in one standard graphic package before getting several makeovers in a wide range of colors. Bauer has certain established it’s iconic image with the yellow Total One, helping build it’s customer recognition, it would be a great time for them to introduce more options for both pro stock and retail models.

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– E

4 Responses to “Total One Graphics Update”

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  2. Hi uhh, Not to be rude but you should know this from watching and being appart of the NHL community. Every Bauer stick in the NHL can get any color. Like the EQ50 sticks in NHL have didfferent colors to. So its not just for Eric Stsll iits for some people in the NHL.

    • Hi Tyrone,

      I think what you may have missed about our post is we’re focusing specifically on the Bauer Total ONE stick. Everybody in the NHL has had the stock black/gold graphics package up until this point where E. Staal has began breaking out custom colors and we figure this is when Bauer is going to start releasing team colors like they did with the ONE95.

      – M

  3. Staal used the yellow version for the first quarter of the year. He’s been rocking the red one for about 15 games before the All-Star break. I’ve seen Brandon Sutter with the red model as well.

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