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Montreal Canadiens Equipment Sale – February 26, 2011

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To all of our readers in the Montreal, QC area, the Canadiens will be holding their equipment sale tomorrow from 9:30am-3:00pm at the Bell Centre.  More details on their official website:

Be sure to share your pickups with us!

– M


REVIEW: Bauer TOTAL ONE Gloves Part 2

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As our readers may have already seen, we did a review of the Total Ones previously. Our first review talked about the technical aspects of the glove, but now I finally got to use them in game for the first time.


I am a fan of anatomical fit gloves, so right off the bat these felt great on my hands. Until now, my favourite glove had been the Bauer Vapor XXX, which interestingly enough fit exactly the same way throughout the fingers and palm as the new Total Ones. The only difference I noticed between the two (aside from styling) is the Total Ones have a much narrower wrist/cuff region. Seeing as these two are so similar in design it’s not surprising that I took to the new Total Ones so quickly.


The gloves impressed me in a few important areas. Firstly, they stayed very dry compared to gloves with thicker Nash palms. The Nubuck did absorb some sweat and water, but for the most part stayed comfortable. Take into account I played approximately 25 minutes with a short bench, so that might be more minutes than normal. The second feature I really enjoyed was the nylon mesh gussets. While the holes are not as large as the mesh gussets found on Easton and Warrior gloves, they still provide a lot of ventilation that keep your hands cool and dry as well as add flexibility for your fingertips.


After the game, I dried my gloves at home the way I normally do; elevated and in front of an oscillating fan. They went from wet, to bone dry in about an hour. After they were dry I put them on again to test out if the palms remained supple or if they started to get crusty as so often happens with standard Nash palms. The Nubuck stayed much softer than I expected, and even trying them on again the next day they hadn’t shown any sign of hardening.


The only downside I noticed to the gloves after their first use was the Gecko Nash overlay on the palms. The overlay section seemed stiffer and more susceptible to piling, even after a short period of use. That being said, it’s a very minor issue to what I would certainly describe as my new favourite glove. The combination of the old style Vapor XXX fit, and the updated gussets and cuff should make it a sure fire hit with any fans of the XXX line, as well as players who enjoyed the One95.


As a footnote, I did this review by drawing comparisons to the Bauer Vapor X:60, Bauer Vapor XXX, and Easton E-Pro as these are the gloves I have been cycling through in my games.


– E

M’s New Pickup – Canucks Easton Shell

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Just picked up this beautiful Vancouver Canucks pant shell and I am very impressed with the quality and materials they used.  I have never owned a pair of Easton pants but I can see why Easton was always among the top manufacturer of pants in the NHL.

I have used other shells in the past and they all fulfill their main purpose, to match your team’s colors and to look good doing it.  All you got was a nylon shell and a belt to keep it up; but these Eastons are more sophisticated than that.

All the previous shells I’ve seen and owned have been 100% nylon.  What makes this shell special is it’s composed mostly of nylon but the back side it’s made of a stretch mesh material (nylon and spandex) which is virtually identical to Reebok’s X-trafil fabric.  I have been dubbing this the “Edge 2.0 of pant shells.”

Here’s a closer look at the stretch mesh material.  It’s tighter fitting and it hugs your pants a lot more than full nylon shells so it’s not as baggy.  This shell is a size 52 and I’ve wrapped them on top of a pair of size 48 Tackla 5000 Pro pants and there is very little excess fabric hanging out.  Conventional shells tend to make my pants feel a bit baggy.

Another interesting feature are the inner pant leg zippers and velcro enclosures.  While zippers aren’t anything new in this day and age, the velcro enclosure is.  Many shells don’t have them and when they do it’s only a small flap towards the bottom of the shell covering the zipper head.  This enclosure keeps it looking clean and will keep the shell closed should the zipper break or fail.

Like I mentioned earlier most shells will only include a basic strap and a buckle before calling it a day.  This is the only shell I’ve ever seen use a two buckle system and not to mention these buckles are the same ones found on top end Tackla pants.  I find with two buckles it tightens the shell much more evenly compared to a single buckle.  With a single buckle it will get tight at the waist but the bottom will flare out, this is not the case with these Eastons.

All in all we normally don’t think too much of what features our pant shells come with because they are hard to come by to begin with and we are happy just to get our hands on one but the next time you have the choice between different brands I’d highly consider the Eastons.  You won’t be disappointed.  I’ll keep you guys updated on how the stretch mesh holds up with more game action.

– M

New Uniforms For Next Season?

Posted in Leaks with tags , , , , , , , , , , on February 19, 2011 by prostocknation reported back in January that 10 teams have confirmed they will make uniform change next year but could it be that all teams next year will be sporting something new?

Well, not completely new designs but we have reason to believe that the on-ice jerseys next year will feature the “Reebok” word mark opposed to the current Reebok Vector logo.  Reebok has already started doing this a few years back when they first introduced equipment and quickly moved from the “RBK” and Vector logo to the common day “Reebok” word marks.

Many retailers (both online and in traditional stores) are marking down the retail Edge 1.0 7187 jerseys to prices as low as $149.99!  These jerseys are only available in limited size runs so that’s a good indication these are being blown out at clearance prices and not just a seasonal sale where they will restock later on.

Also being speculated right now are Edge 2.0 7287 jerseys being available to the public as soon as next season.  The majority of professional players have already made the switch to these jerseys made of air knit (with a few panels of x-trafil) and so far only the minor leagues like the AHL have been able to sell 2.0 to the public.

What will be new for next year?  Will we see the x-trafil fabric scrapped altogether for the on-ice product?  Will this be the triumphant return of a full air-knit jersey?

– M

We’re Back!

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After a couple days of downtime our domain is back up and running.  While it isn’t 100% it’s still much better than the constant errors everyone was getting when they typed in in their address bars.

Thanks for all the support.  The upcoming months will be pretty extravagant when it comes to new product releases.

– M

A Belated Welcome Back, Peter Forsberg

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Foppa has made his return to the NHL and he is wearing a Vapor XXXX Skate on this right (troubled) foot and X:60 on the left.  Forsberg has consistently been a premier player in the NHL when healthy and hopefully he can be a difference maker in helping the Avs make the post-season.  It’s interesting to see the Nike in the Nike Bauer logo is still visible on his skates since it should’ve been blacked out by now.

He was also seen practicing in an Easton S19 helmet but has gone back to familiar Bauer territory (5100, not the 5000/5500 since those have been discontinued.)  Like Iginla, he is still loving the Z-Air style gloves and it doesn’t look like he is using a real EQ50 either since the focus weights are not visible.

Can we start calling the Easton P4 pattern Forsberg again?

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– M

Domain Is Down

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Hi everyone,

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our domain provider as it is not redirecting to our blog properly.  Don’t worry, we are still around and you can find us through our WordPress URL: for the time being.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

– M