Warrior Luxe Gloves

We’re still waiting for Warrior’s 2011 line to come out but this is probably going to be the most anticipated protective line of the year with Zote foams incorporated into all of their top end offerings.

Players like Kostitsyn, Kovalev and Spezza are among a few players already spotted sporting a pair of these this season and we can’t wait to get our hands on a pair.

Photo is property of GettyImages.com

Also check out Matt Gilroy’s gloves with the extra padding on the back rolls.  All of the Rangers are on board with this new alteration to combat the bad string of hand injuries sustained earlier in the season.


– M

6 Responses to “Warrior Luxe Gloves”

  1. Humberto Says:

    i actually had the chance to look up close at these gloves and to me they looked like the macdaddy/ak gloves or whatever the hell they made up with him, but the design makes it look like the 10k type of colour scheme, i found it not creative and as usual by warrior after they fired their MIA guys, copycatish and distasteful, but to each our own i know all the kids will be flopping to the store to buy the newest “sickest” gloves being used by (insert pro name here)

    • We’re finding most brands are copying MIA/Warrior’s Franchise glove design more than anything.

      – M

      • funny, and so true, ironically the Franchise/MB22 were made after an eagle glove, but yeah everyone is doing it, flite is a straight copy, and even bauer has been doing the cuff like the franchises with that flare

      • I have seen a pair of Chris Higgins’ Bauer 4-Rolls with an exact copy of the Franchise-style cuff. On the other hand I also believe flared/blooming style cuffs will be one of the newer trends as more and more manufacturers are offering this, especially in the new CCM line. I haven’t been too impressed with CCM (other than helmets) in the last couple of years but the U+ 12 and U+ CL gloves are definitely worth considering.

        – M

  2. also if you dont want to spend this much money as the luxe are worth there is another warrior glove same model as the luxe different name about 69 dollars in some stores, same protection, same durability, also has the plastic inserts, but the palms are different. Kinda neat if you dont wanna shell out that much money for them

    • More and more companies are releasing gloves in retail with better foams which eliminate the need for plastic inserts. It will be interesting to see how this works out in the end because the majority of glove and ‘gear whores’ are still demanding the older technology foams with plastic inserts just because that’s what they feel comfortable in.

      – M

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