MLX Goalie Skates Now Available


MLX tweeted a few hours ago about the availability of their goalie skate.  It’s being offered at $549 as an “introductory offer.”  MLX’s website describes the boot as:

These boots are the same quality as one would expect from an
MLX skate, with a few modifications complete for a goalie.  R&D
has modified the shape of the boot and removed the tendon
guard to improve maneuverability for goalies.  These skates do
not include a cowling.

The tendon guard has been ripped off and voila, there you have it… a goalie boot?  At $549 for the boot alone, no cowling, steel or even half sizes (you can’t even try this skate on before you give them your money) so we’re still highly skeptical of this product.  In this price range you can easily buy one of the main stream manufacturer’s top of the line offerings (and yes, it comes with cowlings and your local pro shop probably has it in stock for you to try on.)

MLX also markets these skates as “customs.”  My idea of custom skates were a boot made to the specifications of your foot, not a generic skate out of the box that conforms to your foot.  Hope you all have ovens as well since you’ll be needing them to bake these “custom” skates at home…


– M

One Response to “MLX Goalie Skates Now Available”

  1. Humberto Says:

    IIiiTTtt SUCKS SO BAD, god i cannot believe you take a two piece skate trying to come off as being better than everything like those awesome two piece free floating upper part and that its amazing, all the NHL players who have worn them have basically destroyed their ankles and the few that haven’t i applaud them, worst of all the durability is complete crap, you buy just a boot too? seriously? i would buy a pair of skates as just the boot, if i wanted to do that though? i’d buy some graf skates, remember kids graf is the best skate for those ankle strength skaters out there. And last i recalled? they made one and better too, i’ve used it, amazing.

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