RBK vs Reebok Socks

These are authentic Edge socks that you can only get through professional teams.  The “Edge” socks you see in your local hockey shops are of inferior quality and the quickest way to tell is to look for the velcro tabs on top of the sock because the material used in the retail sock has a hard time sticking to the velcro jock shorts.  The socks you buy in store can be compared to the Premier, or Replica, jerseys while these are the equivalent of an Authentic On-Ice jersey.

A few posts ago we mentioned the new direction Reebok was going with the NHL uniforms next season (going from the Vector logo above the name bar to the “Reebok” wordmark.)  This was no surprise because Reebok had already started phasing in different logos on the equipment side of things.

A few years back all of Reebok’s top end offerings were “RBK” and the lower entry level equipment were labeled “Reebok.”  Nowadays everything is going to bare “Reebok” and they sure did a great job branding because every time I see it now it just looks cheap.

So here’s our comparison of a RBK and a Reebok Sock.  Other than the different sizes in the photo above they look virtually identical upon first glance.  When you take a closer look you’ll notice the RBK pair (on the left) has stitching between each colored stripe and the Reebok pair (on the right) has the colors sublimated (dyed) into the fabric.  Not only are we witnessing a change in logos but Reebok has already started to incorporate sublimation into the NHL uniforms.

I’ve been using these socks for the last little while but I’ll let you all know what I really think of them after a few more ice times.


– M


3 Responses to “RBK vs Reebok Socks”

  1. Holmes Ghassemi Says:

    I personally find both the RBK and Vector branding to be stronger than the Reebok word mark. However, it seems that “RBK” did not resonate in markets outside North America, particularly in Europe. Hence the reversal in Branding.

    It had to have been a really cumbersome transition on a corporate level. I would not have wanted to tasked with executing the massive operational or marketing checklist during the back peddle.

    At the end of the day, the company dedicated all of its resources to walking down a path that was determined to be the wrong one, after several years. That certainly cannot be a good feeling. Whether or not the parent company, adidas, had a role in the change of direction, I can’t say There is probably a good story in there, somewhere.

    Nice job, fellas. Again, props on the aesthetic of your presentation. Very clean. Hope all’s well.

    On a side, where can I get my hands on some real-deal socks? I am using Nike Swift ones that I like very much but, have never had the opportunity to give the Rbk ones a ride.

  2. I have been using pro stock edge socks from the coyotes for about two years. My original pair was RBK and my current pair is Reebok. Both pairs’ stripes are sublimated. The Reeboks are a slightly heavier material as well. Both are XL’s, but the Reeboks are about 3 inches longer.

    • Thanks for the comments and pointing out a few points we had missed. I also do find the “Reebok” branded socks are a bit heavier as well (the X-trafil is the same on both) and not all “Reebok” branded socks are sublimated. We have a few pairs where the stripes on the Canucks’ Third Jersey socks are still stitched but have also seen a few later pairs of the home and away with “RBK” branding sublimated.

      As for the sizing we noticed the same thing about inconsistencies in length contrary to what the tag suggests.

      How are they holding up for you after two years of use?

      – M

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