Easton Stealth RS Hockey Stick

They started popping up in player’s hands such as Mike Cammalleri and Dany Heatley about 2 weeks ago and I must admit it’s one of Easton’s better looking sticks as of late.  Keeping true to the previous generations of the Stealth line, the stick is predominately black with a hint of color in it.

Also if you haven’t heard, Easton has a new logo replacing the “E” with the oval and diamond.  Check it out on the blade, what do you think?  We don’t normally like drastic changes so this may take some time to grow on us.

While no full specs on the stick have been released yet, it does look like the stick will keep the elliptical taper as seen on the S17/19 with an improvement in the blade construction.  We have been very impressed with Easton’s offerings as of late throughout their entire product lineup and after seeing all the improvements in the S19 over it’s predecessor, we’re quite certain the RS won’t disappoint.

You should start seeing this stick in stores in Q4 of 2011.

Pictures were retrieved from Easton Hockey’s Official Facebook Page


– M

12 Responses to “Easton Stealth RS Hockey Stick”

  1. Manuel Wiederer Says:

    when can i buy this stick????

  2. whats price range for intended sell

  3. beerleaguer Says:

    I have two RS’s, they are much lighter than prostock S19’s. Used one in a game yesterday, Easton has really done an outstanding job here. Easton says retail of 299 but expect pricing to be in the $250 range.

  4. i just got this stick.iginla curve fuck ya

  5. the best have a sick shot with it clap snap and wrist are sick now with it but broke 4 in 3 weeks playing pewe aa but only 50 flex in al broke in the shafts 2 from slapshot and2 from slashes. the lightest stick ever

  6. iginla is the best curve

  7. i for one did not like the RS i thought the the broke to much

    • Easton addressed the durability on the RS2. However that being said with a higher end stick, performance seems to outweigh durability. The Mako M5 may be a better option for you if you are looking to stay with Easton while getting something that may last a bit longer.

      – M

  8. Remi Coupal Says:

    Disappointed with the rs2 durability.My 11 year old sons stick delaminated shortly after 30 day warranty expired.We are not aware of any misuse,no support from Easton .

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