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Easton Stealth RS

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We’ve been getting lots of questions regarding this stick so after staring at the press release photos for the longest time we decided to get our own.  We do think this is a S19 repaint because structurally, they match up side by side identically.

The RS paint job on the front actually looks ‘stealthy’ like the original Easton Stealth before it tailed off and started getting glammed up with metallic silver logos all over it.

We’ll have to wait until more official specs are released by Easton to find out what structural or build changes have been made compared to the S19.

Comes out Q4 of 2011…

– M

Congrats! 2011 Western Conference Champions: Vancouver Canucks

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Congratulations to the Vancouver Canucks on winning the Campbell Trophy and advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals for only the third time in franchise history.

We joined in the celebrations on Granville Street last night after Kevin Bieksa’s Greg Adams-like heroics in double overtime and the atmosphere was unbelievable… rivaling the aftermath of the Gold Medal win last year.  I can’t even imagine what the city will be like should the Canucks win the big dance.

Robson and Thurlow was the epicenter of the 1994 playoffs… however it was not the case last night as everyone took to Robson and Granville (the whole Granville strip actually.)

After Canada won gold, I was trapped on the second story of a shoe store on Granville Street for over an hour.  If the Canucks can pull this together I expect a similar crowd except they will be wearing blue and green.

Celebrate responsibly.  Go Canucks Go!

– M

Ducks Equipment Sale… Today! May 19, 2011

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The Anaheim Ducks will be conducting their equipment sale today at The Rinks – Anaheim ICE from 8:00pm-9:00pm.  Season Ticket Holders will gain entry at 6:00pm.  According to their website it will be cash or cheques only!

This is going to be their full blown equipment sale, not their fan appreciation sale a few weeks ago where they sold mostly general merchandise from their store with a few sticks mixed in.


– M

Toronto Maple Leafs Semi-Annual Equipment Sale

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As tweeted by RealSports today:

Save the Date! Maple #Leafs Semi-Annual Equipment Sale ~ Saturday June 4th – 10am-4pm New & used equipment + dressing room access!! #NHL

Prices are generally a bit higher than most teams but with a fan base like Toronto’s, people are willing to pay the premium.  Even if you don’t intend on buying anything it’s still quite the experience to visit a pro dressing room.

– M

Edmonton Oilers Locker Room/Equipment Sale This Sunday!

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They will be holding their sale this Sunday May 15, 2011 from 12pm-2pm.  According to their website they will be selling lots of merchandise and equipment at blowout prices.

From the Oilers’ website:

Oilers Locker Room Sale returns

Collectibles, autographed items, new & used equipment & more on sale May 15

Thursday, 05.05.2011 / 6:45 PM / News
The Oilers Locker Room Sale returns to Rexall Place Sunday, May 15, 2011. (Photo by Andy Devlin / Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club)

The annual Oilers Locker Room Sale returns Sunday, May 15 at Rexall Place.

Open from 12pm to 2pm, items available at the Locker Room Sale include collectibles, autographed items, new and game used hockey equipment and specials from the Oilers Store including deals such as:

  • Oilers Navy Pro jerseys on sale for $99.00, down from the regular $299.99,
  • Crested jerseys starting at $119.99
  • Special pricing on NHLPA Oilers player t-shirts and other Oilers merchandise.

Along with great deals on Oilers merchandise, attendees with be treated to complimentary popcorn and a Family Fun Zone with interactive stations for the whole family to enjoy. Complimentary parking is also available in lots B & E at Rexall Place.

For those fans unable to make the Locker Room Sale at Rexall Place, the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation’s Online Locker Room Charity Auction is now live! Follow the link below to check out the items and place your bids.

The $99 Pro Edge jerseys definitely sound like a good buy!

– M


Initial Thoughts: CCM V10 Helmet

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I got a hold of a set of Manitoba Moose helmet stickers and that was enough justification for me to go out and purchase a new helmet and make use of it.  While the majority of the AHL is outfitted in Reebok and CCM helmets, I decided to get the same model as my favorite Moose player, #52 Sergei Shirokov.

The CCM V10 is similar fit to my existing helmet, the NBH 5500, and I love EPP and memory foam so it was perfect.

Since this is Pro Stock Nation, I wanted to make this retail helmet look as pro stock as possible.  Excuse the messy desk.

Front shot: Just your average CCM V10… White, Medium.

Side Shot:

Time to cover up the ugly CCM branding on the sides and rip off that cheap looking “10” sticker.

Back shot:

I always remove the size, CE and warning stickers, they make the helmet look way too busy.

Shirokov uses a Bauer HS22 Pro Straight but you won’t imagine how hard it is nowadays to track this model down.  They are now banned for sale in Canada (you can only get the HS23 which looks totally different) and I went to three different shops in California which had none in stock.  I ended up mounting an Oakley Pro Modified visor to this helmet since I stocked up a few years ago and had spares lying around.

I brought my helmet and visor to my LHS to get mounted since I did not have the necessary screws and spacers available.  Tip: If you guys ever get work done at your local shop, make sure you are not in a rush.  Unfortunately I was in a hurry that day so when the employee showed me my visor mounted to the helmet, I didn’t double-check anything.  After I left the shop I took a closer look when I got home and turns out they over-torqued the visor and cracked it.  I won’t drop any names at this moment but it was my first time getting work done at this particular shop just because it was close to my work and I am not impressed.

The CCM logos on the side are covered up with the Advance Electronics stickers.  If you look closely you can see the crack from the top screw mount to the top of the visor.

The back looks much cleaner now with all the unnecessary stickers removed.  The only two stickers I was not able to use were the AHL 75th Anniversary and the Can/Am stickers because on a Pro helmet they would be located where the HECC and CSA stickers are on the retail counterparts.  Removing these two stickers are a no-no.

Aesthetics aside, how does it perform so far?

Like I mentioned earlier, the fit is similar to the NBH 5500 so for those of you with more oval shaped heads, this helmet may be suitable for you.  The helmet is one of the lightest I have used, obviously not to the same extreme as the Easton S19 but at half the price it holds it’s own very well.

The ventilation on this helmet is excellent, you can actually hear the wind being channeled through the helmet as you skate.

The only con I have about it so far is the amount of sweat that runs down your face when you’re sitting idle on the bench.  While EPP foam helmets are more notorious for this compared to lets say, VN foams, this helmet is much more prone to it.  While it isn’t a major problem it still is a small inconvenience.

Before I go too in depth into a review on the helmet I’ll give it a few more ice times.  I just wanted to show off the Moose stickers for now.

Until next time!

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Like us on Facebook for your chance to win a Reebok Hockey Hat!


Contest ends May 14, 2011 @ Midnight!

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Jake’s Custom Pro Shop – El Segundo, CA

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Sorry for the short hiatus.  I was in California last week and stumbled upon this LHS (Local Hockey Shop) through @Projekt29 on Twitter while I tried to hunt down a Bauer HS22 Pro Straight Visor (you can no longer find these in Canada… only the RBE I and the new HS23.)


On my way to LAX (that’s the Los Angeles Airport for those unfamiliar) I made a pit stop here to check it out.  Run by Jake Pote and his staff, Jake’s Custom Pro Shop is the place to find hockey equipment.  Like the name says, they do custom work.  If you need new palms on your gloves, want the cuffs shortened/extended, change the holders on your skates, the list goes on, bring them by and Jake will do it right.

Not only do they carry retail equipment but they also sell Pro Stock gear directly from the LA Kings! Sticks, gloves, socks, helmets, goalie gear, you name it, they probably have it.  The staff are very knowledgeable and I had an awesome time just talking to them about equipment.  If I didn’t have a flight to catch I could have chatted them up for the rest of the day.

If you are in the LA area, check them out at:

630 N. Sepulveda Blvd.

Suite 13A

El Segundo, CA 90245

You can also give them a call at (310) 322-5253 or visit their website at

Whether you are looking for game used equipment for your personal collection or simply looking for pro gear to play with, Jake’s is your place.  Don’t forget they also do alterations and custom work, you won’t find that at the big box stores!

Oh, and that visor I never did find it.  I went to three different shops that day and everybody was sold out of the HS22 Pro Straight Clear.  The closest I found was the Mirrored one, but wearing one of those is the same as painting a big target on your back.

– M