Upcoming Review: Goalie BladeTape

While our focus has been on pro stock hockey equipment, we also like to showcase goods manufactured in North America.  The product we are about to introduce you to (if you haven’t heard of them already) fits our criteria perfectly.

First and foremost we would like to thank N from hgreview.ca and BladeTape (BladeTape.ca) for giving us the opportunity to try this product out.

BladeTape is made by Blade Pro Sports Products based out of Richmond, BC, Canada.  This alternative to traditional stick tape is proudly manufactured in Canada.  How BladeTape distinguishes themselves from stick tape begins with the application process.  Two rubber-like waffle-patterned strips on an adhesive backing are stuck directly onto the blade; a time-saver.  This material is more durable than your conventional tape and it also offers a better grip on the puck.  With no tape on the bottom of the blade, friction is reduced as well.

Composite sticks are in a day in age where they can endure repeated contact with bare ice quite well so don’t be afraid of excessive wear on the bottom of your blades.  I will be using this product on a Sherwood SOP 9950 Goalie Stick (wood and multi-lam construction) so it will be interesting to see how this stick and BladeTape holds up.

Willie Mitchell, Chris Mason, Matt Cooke, and Brent Sopel are among some of the NHL players who are BladeTape users as listed on their website.

I will be reviewing this over several weeks so I will periodically check in on ProStockNation.com and HGReview.ca.

– M

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