Vancouver Canucks 2011 Annual Equipment Sale

The Vancouver Canucks will be changing formats for their equipment sale this year.  Rather than being held during one day at Rogers Arena it will be a week long sale (July 11 – July 17) at the Canucks Team Store Outlet located on Hastings and Renfrew (#150 – 2893 E Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC for those of you who want to Google Map it.)

There will be new stock available for sale each day.  We have been told only more of certain sticks and goalie equipment have back stock.  Everything else such as skates, gloves, etc have been put out on the first day.  Since they have been selling equipment year round they will not have as much gear compared to previous years.

There is no confirmation from the Canucks yet as to whether or not Season Ticket Holders and/or E-mail list members will have priority entry to the sale or if the Outlet Store hours will change.

We are in the middle of organizing exclusive coverage of the sale before it happens.  Stay tuned…

– M

6 Responses to “Vancouver Canucks 2011 Annual Equipment Sale”

  1. what day will the sticks be sold?

  2. NextBobbyOrr Says: there’ll be something new every day? I suppose that’d be nice as a “second chance” for those who don’t get everything they wanted the first time around. Will it be essentially the same things every day?

    • From what we’re told it’s just going to be more of the same things. Quantities are going to be extremely limited this year so it’s best to go on the first day to avoid disappointment.

      – M

  3. when and where is this sale

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