Less Than 12 Hours Away! Preview: Vancouver Canucks Equipment Sale 2011

Welcome to ProStockNation.com’s exclusive preview of the Vancouver Canucks 2011 Equipment Sale.

Oh how things have changed.  If you have been to the Canucks’ sales in the past you might be thinking how different the pictures below look.  Sales went from being a huge annual 2-day excursion with loads of equipment scattered across the arena concourse to a single day event and now gear has been sold year round at the Canucks Outlet Store halfway across town.

The equipment sale this year will be housed in an area that’s about the same size as the average Downtown Vancouver studio suite.

You will find a wide variety of equipment from current and past seasons.  Contrary to our earlier reports, there will not be new stock brought out each day.  Stock is limited and everything will be on a first come first served basis.  There will be no limits on how much you can buy.  There are different price points for sticks.  These price points will be indicated by lists posted on the wall separated by tape.

Gloves will be scattered in several wire bins as well as on top of the sticks.

In the “goalie corner” you will find brand new and used gear from the likes of Roberto Luongo, Cory Schneider, Jason LaBarbera, Andrew Raycroft, and Michael Houser among others.

Skates are nicely laid out into two main sections… prehistoric (CCM Mustangs, Bauer Vapor 10, older CCM Tacks) and the present (more recent model skates.)

This is an equipment sale first!  Since this is a smaller sale the preparation was more precisely done than the previous ones.  Many of the skates will have a tag indicating the player, model name, and the size.  This will make finding your size much easier than the conventional methods of “guessing and checking” and looking underneath the insole/skate and praying for some sign of marking.

In the “premium corner” you will find game used equipment from the more popular players on the team such as the Henrik and Daniel Sedin, Ryan Kesler, and Alexandre Burrows.

If you go to the sale, please share with us what you picked up!

– M

18 Responses to “Less Than 12 Hours Away! Preview: Vancouver Canucks Equipment Sale 2011”

  1. store opens at 11?

  2. Any Edge socks in the sale?
    thanks for the pics!

  3. Gurchetan Dhaliwal Says:

    i got a pro stock aaron rome totalone

    • Pick up anything else as well?

      – M

      • Gurchetan Dhaliwal Says:

        i got a couple of t-shirts… i would have gotten more sticks if there were anymore totalones for 150$ (LH)
        could you also clarify the codes on this totalone for me:

      • 95 flex, G3 just means Custom Flex Profile. The player has requested changes to the construction of his stick where nothing on the retail market is directly comparable to it.

        – M

  4. Disappointing compared to previous years. Even going in as a non-STH an hour or two later, there was more left on the tables than today.

    Organized yes, but its not hard when there isn’t that much stuff.

    • Perhaps the previous equipment sales seemed more full based on the layout? I remember many years ago I would go in with the Inside Edge email list one hour after STH were allowed in. If you were looking for gloves they would be scattered across one table, two if you’re lucky. They had less gear to begin with this year but maybe throwing everything into large wire bins contributed to the sale looking smaller than it actually was?

      – M

  5. Gordon Y Says:

    Are there any Cody Hodgson Sticks available? Would love to pick one up after class!

    • Nothing with his name on it that we saw. There was one of his generic RBK sticks from Manitoba. It had his number and his distinctive tape job on it. I’m sure if it actually said “Hodgson” on it, it would’ve sold instantly.

      – M

  6. Anyone know the price for goalie gear?
    the white rebook glove and blocker set?
    Cory’s chesty and pants?

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