Winnipeg Jets Jerseys… Possibly?

While the Winnipeg Jets will not officially introduce their new uniforms until closer towards the season, stock photos of jerseys with the new Jets logo have already started to surface on eBay.

We will still have to wait until they officially announce the jerseys to see if this is indeed the design they are going with.  I am a bit skeptical about these auctions because the seller is relatively new, they are using stock images and the Reebok tag is blacked out.

However the jerseys are still in line with what Chairman, Mark Chipman, described with the secondary “Wings” logo on the shoulders and the only red on the jersey being on the crest.


We think they look good.  Hope to see an updated version of the 1996 Jets jersey brought back as an Alternate in the 2012-2013 season.




– M

2 Responses to “Winnipeg Jets Jerseys… Possibly?”

  1. Definitely not real. If you look at his other auctions, they are all fake jerseys.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if they were fakes judging from his other items like you’ve mentioned but it looks like that could be the design after all. Lots of counterfeit goods are coming out before the real ones now. We see it a lot in the consumer electronics industry and I wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing it in hockey jerseys as well.

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