Ovechkin Signs With Nike, Bauer Next?

A few weeks ago it was confirmed Alexander Ovechkin and CCM were cutting ties.  Much speculation began as to which brands Ovi would endorse next.  He is no longer wear Reebok apparel off the ice after signing a long-term deal with sporting goods giant Nike.

According to reports from the Washington Post (source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capitals-insider/post/alex-ovechkin-returns-to-washington-sports-bauer-gear-during-workout/2011/09/01/gIQAHH6owJ_blog.html) Ovechkin took to the ice in all Bauer equipment today.

Coincidentally, Bauer Hockey also released a teaser video the same day on Facebook featuring one of their Vapor skates with yellow laces, a signature of Ovechkin’s.  (http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150300276390480)

While nothing has been confirmed from Bauer Hockey or Alexander Ovechkin, it doesn’t seem like a matter of if anymore but a matter of when?

Even though Alex is still under contract with the Washington Capitals he is without a doubt the hottest free agent available this off-season.


– M

2 Responses to “Ovechkin Signs With Nike, Bauer Next?”

  1. Darnell Puck Says:

    Nike is out of the hockey business, but it doesn’t mean it won’t associate with great players to promote its brand. This deal is less about Ovechkin the US and more about his impact in Russia and Eastern Europe – big emerging markets for Nike. Where is the 2014 Winter Olympics – Sochi, Russia. Hockey will be the highest profile sport at these games.

    Bauer wins because they can service his equipment needs and know that any Nike ad featuring Ovechkin is a win-win for the Bauer brand, especially if he’s using Bauer gear in the ad. (Incidentally, despite selling Bauer, Nike still owns the trademark for “Vapor.” Check the stock prospectus from the Bau.to IPO.)

  2. Darnell Puck Says:

    Forgot to comment on Bauer. Clearly they are able to step in and provide him equipment. This is no surprise. Despite selling Bauer a few years back, there are many who work for Bauer who worked for Nike and they are keenly aware that the Nike/Ovechkin endorsement is a win-win for Bauer, especially if Ovechkin uses Bauer product in Nike ads, which I suspect Nike will allow.

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