Maple Leafs & Purolator Jersey Sponsorship Deal

Photo Credit: Keith Beaty/Toronto Star

According to an article in the Toronto Star, starting today the Toronto Maple Leafs will be sporting a Purolator patch on their practice jerseys.  It’s not the first time this has happened in the NHL but this sponsorship deal will bring in a new revenue stream for the club and we expect more teams to follow suit in the future.


How would you react if the NHL permitted corporate sponsors to place advertisements on game jerseys as well?  While it doesn’t sound like a very North American thing to do, AHL teams have had sponsor patches located on the right chest for years.

Original article:–kelly-the-leafs-on-slippery-slope-of-jersey-sponsorship
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3 Responses to “Maple Leafs & Purolator Jersey Sponsorship Deal”

  1. It dosen’t look good, especially if there is alot of advertising, like the danish “pro” league.

    But it has become better, so it atleast isn’t ugly anymore.

  2. I would personally love to see sponsorship logos all over the jersey’s in the NHL. Even their equipment (most notably: helmets, pants) should sport sponsor’s logos. I love that European look and would love to see it used in North America, though I doubt it will ever become a reality.

  3. I recall skating in a Pioneer-sponsored AIK sweater in the late 80’s and everyone on the bench thought I’d gotten a job at Circuit City.

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