Habs Equipment Sale This Saturday


The Montreal Canadiens will be holding an equipment sale this Saturday, October 22, 2011 from 9:30am-3:00pm at the Bell Centre.

Sticks, skates, gloves, helmets and pants are advertised for sale.  Given Montreal is a traditional hockey market the prices will reflect that.  If you do attend this sale, be sure to share your finds with us!



Source: http://canadiens.nhl.com/club/l_fr/page.htm?id=74190


– M

7 Responses to “Habs Equipment Sale This Saturday”

  1. I got there around 10, there were around 30 people ahead of me, they let in 20 ish people at a time.

    Saw some guys leaving with decent looking Easton,Bauer and Warrior pants. Saw one Warrior ( Widow I think ) leave, saw some guys with Total ones and EQ’s… For gloves, there were a few Bauers and Eastons, didn’t see Warriors… A dozen of bad looking shoulder pads. Saw one pair of shinnys that were HUGE… Lotsa green white and blue helmets, none of the higher ends ones… A few goalie gear and a LOT of shells ( blue and green ) and a container of broken sticks and shafts. Also practice jerseys at 50$ and authentic centennials for 150$

    I was at the sale last year, there were a lot more sticks but it was more “chaotic” because they let everyone in at once.

    Left the store empty-handed…

  2. They don’t set any limits…They want want get rid of all the stuff so the more they sell the better… Best advice is to keep walking around and around, some people grab everything they can and once they get to the cash register THAT’S when they start sorting out what they really want, so maybe an item you particularly want suddenly shows up 15 minutes later… 😉

    • At the Canucks sales there will be people who will grab everything they can and then they’ll “sell” the right to buy the item to other people on the concourse. There are also the people who go to the sale for the sole purpose of reselling. I suppose that is why the Montreal Canadiens need to set their prices high to begin with so it deters resellers.

      – M

      • I have a huge problem with that Issue right there. It happens absolutely all the time. theres forums like sports2k/ebay/icew that were begun by those guys who go there and then turn around and try to charge a higher upcharge just because they went to the sale.

        Thankfully i have a good friend who lives in montreal, goes to the sales for me and gets me what i would like.

        From this sale i got:
        1 white rookie camp Brunelle used jersey, numbers removed but name left on, sz 56, 65 bucks
        1 pair of XL padded shells with the upper part which is totally rad, BRAND NEW, 15 bucks
        1 pair of Easton Dustin Boyd one game used gloves, no damage to them at all, 135 dollars.

        A guy who tried to snag the gloves right as my friend picked them up messaged me angry because he felt he could get at least 250 for them on ebay. Pretty annoying people do that.

        on ebay later that day after my friend took our haul home i looked to see what people bought and were trying to resell.

        1 shell just like mine, not new (used were 10 bucks if i’m correct) and wanted 100 bucks, it sold, shameful.
        1 white used practice jersey no number for 175, never sold.
        1 pair of similar eastons guy wanted 260 PLUS SHIPPING.

        Makes me really hate people.

        thank god i network with people to get things like this straight from the source.

      • Thanks for your comments Humberto.

        Enforcing an item limit may be the best method to combat this issue. I know the Ducks set a limit of 5 items per person at their sales. This makes people choose much more wisely with regards to what they buy rather than trying to hoard everything.

        The only way for this to stop is to kill the demand, which seems highly unlikely given how popular and accessible pro stock equipment has gotten over the years. Hopefully the lack of sales will discourage the $200 pants being listed on eBay for $350-400..

        – M

  3. That is just disgusting !! And I thought people were SOOO nice in Vancouver when I visited…

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