CityTV BT: Canucks 2012 Equipment Sale Preview

Dawn Chubai from CityTV’s Breakfast Television gave viewers a taste of what will be available at this weekend’s year end Vancouver Canucks Equipment Sale:

  • Skates – $275
  • Gloves – $125+
  • Goalie Pants – $200
  • Sticks – $40+

Edge Socks, Goalie Equipment (Pads, C/A, Catcher, Blocker, Sticks), Game Worn Jerseys, and Elbow Pads are all seen in the video as well but no prices have been given.

The Equipment Sale will take place at Rogers Arena on June 9 and 10 from 11am-5pm.  Season Ticket Holders will have early access at 9am, Blue Line /Sponsors at 10am.  Stock will be brought out each day.

You can watch the original video here:

If you do attend the sale, be sure to share your purchases and findings with us!

– M

7 Responses to “CityTV BT: Canucks 2012 Equipment Sale Preview”

  1. Does anyone know what season ticketholders need to bring to get in early and if they can bring guests?

  2. If my friend gives me his season ticket card is that okay or do we
    Need ID?

  3. NICKY LAU Says:

    picked up a 2011-2012 MANNY MALHOTRA 3rd ALT. game-used jersey, and got him to sign the fight strap. i dunno how to post pics on here unfortunately.

  4. NICKY LAU Says:

    hey prostock,
    sorry for the late reply 😦

    for authentics ive got the following:

    BURE: 3rd alt. salmon skates, #10 black jersey w/ 25th patch, white #96, #10 blue orca w/ ’98 AS patch

    LINDEN: home & away skates w/ 2PTS & SC patch, ’04 white “skate in rink” w/ Vintage patch

    KESLER: RBK EDGE 1.0 white, 40th jersey w/ Patch

    HODGSON: away #39, home #9

    Black skates: COURTNALL
    White skates: BABYCH, NASLUND


    BIEKSA: GI [3rd Alt.], Away
    GI: KESLER #20 [Vintage-style]

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