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Reading Flex, Shaft & Blade Weight On Your Pro Stock Warrior Stick

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When you buy a pro stock stick you never really know what you’re going to end up with.  Professional players can ask manufacturers to customize their sticks to the point where nothing on the retail market is comparable to it.  While the codes marked on pro stock Warrior sticks don’t tell us much about the stick’s construction it does give us information about flex and the weights of the shaft and blade.

First we must familiarize ourselves with the flex system they are using.  Unlike Warrior’s retail offerings which use the scale made popular by Easton (higher number = more stiff) their pro sticks are still measured the same way Innovative did back in the day (higher number = more flexible.)

We are using the Flex Chart available at for reference.  The Innovative flex is on the left with the “Easton” equivalent on the right.

180 = 120 flex

200 = 110 flex

220 = 105 flex

260 = 90 flex

300 = 80 flex

340 = 75 flex

380 = 70 flex

440 = 65 flex

Turn to the back side of the shaft and you will see a series of 9 digits.  These digits are divided into 3 segments, the first 3 being Flex (Innovative scale), middle 3 being the shaft weight (in grams), and the last 3 is blade weight (in grams as well.)  So in this case with our flex being “290” it converts to about 85 flex.

You will also find information regarding the flex and shaft weight on a label inside the shaft (assuming your stick is uncut.)  The flex rating you see inside may be slightly different than the one stamped on the outside of the shaft but it is indeed more accurate.  In the same batch of sticks labeled as “290” on the outside you will still get a range of flexes above or below this number.  This standard deviation will vary from manufacturer.

Hope this brief guide will be of help the next time you are shopping for a pro stock Warrior.  Enjoy equipment sale season this Summer.


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How Kris Draper Tapes His Stick

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Warrior Hockey posted a link to this video from the Detroit Free Press ( and it’s pretty interesting to see how Draper tapes his stick.  It’s pretty similar to how I tape mine.

Photo is property of the Detroit Free Press

Check it out here:

How do you like to do yours?

– M

Easton EQ50 Skates

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We are 14 days away from the release of this skate and last week we had a question through Twitter (@ProStockNation for those of you not already following us) as to what skate Matt Cullen of the Minnesota Wild was wearing.


@prostocknation Is Matt Cullen wearing the new APX’s? Someone said he was in something new but couldn’t decipher the brand…

With the previous flop, if you can even call it that, of the EQ5 skate (for those who are unfamiliar this skate was worn by a few pros, stores started taking pre-orders but it never went into retail production) Easton has gone back to the drawing board and has come out with a completely new skate.

At $529.99US it makes it a very affordable top end skate and many manufacturers are really making a push towards composite materials.

With Cullen being a Bauer Vapor X:60 user prior to this we’ll also be keeping an eye on him to see whether or not he will be making the switch back to his old skates or even the APX (being released in April.)

Matt Cullen has Tuuk LS2 holders installed on his skates and obviously the retail ones will come with Easton’s own Razor Bladz II.  Tuuks are by far the most popular holder in the NHL right now but the Razor Bladz is one of the most underrated.  It’s a terrific product and it isn’t too prone to torquing on heavier skaters like others.  It has been the go-to holder for Easton’s skates in the last couple lines of skates so you know it’s not a dud they’re going to dump after one skate (see: Tuuk LS Power.)

Many online websites are already taking pre-orders for this skate which ships March 31 (Pavel Bure’s 40th birthday just in case you wanted to know) and we haven’t been so excited about an Easton skate since they released the Z-Air (the silver one with the white Razor Bladz holder, not the black with composite holder and parabolic stainless steel runners.

– M


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MLX Goalie Skates Now Available

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MLX tweeted a few hours ago about the availability of their goalie skate.  It’s being offered at $549 as an “introductory offer.”  MLX’s website describes the boot as:

These boots are the same quality as one would expect from an
MLX skate, with a few modifications complete for a goalie.  R&D
has modified the shape of the boot and removed the tendon
guard to improve maneuverability for goalies.  These skates do
not include a cowling.

The tendon guard has been ripped off and voila, there you have it… a goalie boot?  At $549 for the boot alone, no cowling, steel or even half sizes (you can’t even try this skate on before you give them your money) so we’re still highly skeptical of this product.  In this price range you can easily buy one of the main stream manufacturer’s top of the line offerings (and yes, it comes with cowlings and your local pro shop probably has it in stock for you to try on.)

MLX also markets these skates as “customs.”  My idea of custom skates were a boot made to the specifications of your foot, not a generic skate out of the box that conforms to your foot.  Hope you all have ovens as well since you’ll be needing them to bake these “custom” skates at home…


– M

Montreal Canadiens Equipment Sale – February 26, 2011

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To all of our readers in the Montreal, QC area, the Canadiens will be holding their equipment sale tomorrow from 9:30am-3:00pm at the Bell Centre.  More details on their official website:

Be sure to share your pickups with us!

– M

Happy Holidays!

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The staff at wishes all of our readers happy holidays and thanks for the support.


– M

Inside The Equipment Room

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Check out the video at this link: and the rest of the series of “Inside The Equipment Room” on

They start talking about “alternative protection” at 1:34 into the video and the custom modifications Ilya Kovalchuk had on his skates during his time in Atlanta.

– M

Zetterberg: So Long Easton?

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Henrik Zetterberg of the Detroit Red Wings is a poster boy for Easton Hockey.  He is endorsed by the brand and as a result his name is plastered on all P4 patterns Easton makes in the retail market (even though most players still call the P4 a Forsberg.)  Hockey players are very superstitious and they tend to stick with what works.

Zetterberg fell into a slump early this season and gradually made the switch away from Easton as the games progressed, beginning with the Easton SE16 and S19 sticks.  Zetterberg started using Warriors and the brand also ‘creeped’ to his gloves.  We’re not surprised if this move was influenced by fellow Swede, and former Easton user, Nick Lidstrom but it’s paid off for him as he also made the switch to Warrior last year and scored his first career NHL hat trick at age 40 this week.  Oh, I guess Warrior having their HQ in Michigan and Kris Draper’s involvement with the company has some persuasion in the locker room as well.

2 games ago Zetterberg has switched out practically every piece of Easton gear minus the pants (they are the NHL leader in pants after all.)  If his play starts to pick up don’t expect him to switch back to Easton any time soon.  Maybe it’s time to rename the P4 pattern once again?

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Jonas Hiller – MLX Goalie Skates

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Jonas Hiller has been spotted wearing MLX skates as of late.  It’s the first and only goalie skate offering we’ve seen from this company with Mario Lemieux’s involvement.  We wonder if MLX is coming out with these skates or if they’re just a player’s boot wrapped in a cowling.

The player’s skates have been out for several months now and they’ve got guys like Sergei Gonchar, Daniel Alfredsson, Dustin Byfuglien and Paul Gaustad using their product right now.  But for a skate with a MSRP of $799 (currently on special for $599) we don’t know if we’d want to take the gamble and shell out top of the line money for a skate we can’t even try on before buying.  That being said, we did sign up to test a pair of these skates but unfortunately we were not picked.  So to the guys at MLX, if you’re interested in giving us a shot, drop us a line.


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