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October Pick Ups – Manitoba Moose Pro Gear

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These are my latest Manitoba Moose purchases:

  • Pro Bag
  • 2 Pairs Reebok Edge Socks (XL)
  • 14′ Reebok (CCM 852 Style) Gloves

What do you all think?  Most of the pro bags I’ve seen are made of vinyl and they rip easily.  This Moose bag has one of the highest quality nylon I’ve ever seen.

Looking for Manitoba Moose gear as well?  We’ll tell you where this weekend!

– M

Initial Thoughts: Rick Nash Winnwell Pro Stock Gloves

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Rick Nash, Matt Stajan, Marc-Andre Bergeron, and Kyle Quincey.  What do all of these NHL players have in common?  Their glove of choice is Winnwell.

Being a Gold Medal winner, 4-time NHL All-Star and Captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey club, Rick Nash has been heavily courted by different companies to endorse their products.  Yet, he chooses to sport Winnwell Pro Stock Hockey Gloves.

Here is a glimpse of Rick’s 14″ pro gloves.  Over the next couple of weeks I will be using this glove and checking in with updates.

These are made of nylon and have plastic inserts everywhere like you would expect from most pro gloves nowadays.  All of the graphics and text are embroidered.  For players who don’t like overly loose (think traditional 4-roll) or tight (newer anatomical style) fitting gloves these are in the middle.  The blooming style cuff also increases wrist mobility.

What I liked right off the bat was how the thumb was constructed.  The white bit you see sticking out is a plastic insert which offers protection from hacks and slashes.  The thumb is allowed to move freely unlike some gloves that will basically have one large piece of plastic from the cuff to the tip of the thumb, restricting movement.

The three piece index finger is another feature we like that more and more companies are also incorporating, but mostly into their more anatomically fitting gloves.

The palms and gussets of the glove are made of you guessed it, Nash leather (pardon the pun.)  An unique feature about these palms are the seamless transitions between the palm and gussets on the inside of the pinky and index fingers which are key areas for wear and tear.

The inside of the glove is lined with Winnwell’s Cleansport NXT liner (more information available on their website:  The NXT extends all the way from the cuff through to the fingers and I actually prefer these types of liners because they are generally softer than what is traditionally used and I don’t get any uncomfortable scraping on my knuckles.

I weighed these gloves and compared them to another pro glove I had sitting in the office with nash palms and gussets…

Winnwell Pro Stock: 639g

RBK Pro 4-Roll: 702g*

*The RBK has had the inner padding and a part of the cuff removed so technically it will weigh a bit more than 702g.

For more information on Winnwell’s products, check them out at their website:

Stay tuned… we also have another Winnwell product to show you in the coming days that may surprise you.



– M

Pro Stock Review: Warrior Franchise 14″ Glove – Rob Davison/Vancouver Canucks

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Warrior Franchise 14” Rob Davison Vancouver Canucks Pro Stock

As a glove enthusiast the main criteria I look for in a glove includes the outer shell being constructed of Tufftek and plastic inserts.  After switching over from leather gloves I’ve had no complaints about Tufftek.  It’s lightweight, breathable and not to mention it won’t crack over time like leather tends to do; and personally I prefer the look of Tufftek (Nylon.)  There are plastic inserts all over this glove which offer extra protection while minimizing added weight.  Oh, and I’m also a sucker for traditional 4-roll  style gloves.

Since these gloves are pro stock there are a few variations compared to their retail cousins:

  • Cuff graphic package is different (larger ‘Warrior’ font vs Stripes)
  • Mesh Gussets
  • Digital Palms
  • Silver Shield in the fingers

First off you’ll notice these gloves have the larger Warrior font package, there is an extra charge for this ‘option’ when customizing.  I prefer very plain gloves so this solid blue color with white graphics looks really appealing to my eyes.  Aesthetically there’s not much else to say other than the graphics are still screened on like the retail models.

Mesh gussets are my new found love.  I prefer mesh over any material on most retail hockey gloves like Nash or MSH2 because it allows for much more airflow.  One of the least desirable feelings in hockey is to have your hands soaked in sweat inside your gloves while you’re playing.  The mesh gussets really help with keeping your hands cool and to an extent, dry.

But what really sold me on these gloves were the digital palms.  This being my second experience with digital (first was on a pair of Eagle CP94), I had to have them.  For those who have not heard of digital, it’s the thinnest performance palm available on the market, similar to the palm you’d find on a pair of golf gloves.  Digital palms are a performance palm and is not warrantied and that’s probably why retail model gloves don’t come with them.  If you want to give digital a try you can always re-palm your existing pair or go the custom route.  All other palms, including the oh so popular MSH2, will feel thick after using digital.  As with all good things there are a few cons as well.  To extend the life of your investment you must be extra careful compared to other palms.  If you’re particularly hard on your gear or frequently forget to air out your equipment then digital is not for you.  Since the palm is very thin it rips easier than other materials.  I’m really easy on my gear and I’ve used these gloves for about a year and they are holding up fine.  Avoid sharp edges on the knob of your stick and NEVER wipe your skate blades with these gloves (This is a given with ANY palm.)  My previous pair of digital palms lasted a year and I purchased them used.  Make sure you dry them out as soon as possible otherwise the palms get rather crusty, a rather unpleasant feeling the next time you put them on.

The Silver Shield lining is a fantastic feature to have, especially in the fingers (next paragraph will explain why.)  It wicks away moisture and prevents bacteria from growing.  I played outside in 30°C weather and my hands were amazingly dry.  I played later in the week in similar weather with my Eagle CP94 and my hands were soaked.  The lining dries much faster than most gloves so it’s ideal if you have more than one ice time in a day.

The Franchise is one of the more expensive gloves on the market but it’s worth it.  If you’re interested in a pair I’d skip the retail route and go custom.  I’ve tried on some retail versions of this glove (without Silver Shield in the fingers) and the glove feels very abrasive against my knuckles.  I’m sure with a bit of breaking in the gloves will feel fine but mine felt comfortable the first time I used them.  Customizing a pair of gloves will also give you the opportunity to choose palms and gussets not available on a glove off the store shelf.  I would suggest mesh gussets like I have with this pair but the palm should be chosen according to the level and frequency of hockey you play.  If you can afford to buy these gloves, go for it.  Few gloves can rival the Franchise especially when so many gloves are being made overseas now.