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Beware: COUNTERFEIT Canucks Jerseys Now Appearing In Size 46!

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For those of you still looking to purchase a Canucks jersey the counterfeiters have finally caught on.  They used to make knockoff jerseys in size 48 (Reebok does not make a Reebok Edge jersey in 48, just 46 or 50) and that was one of the easiest tell-tale signs but it appears size 46 fakes are now surfacing.

Here’s a few pictures from a Craigslist Ad…

Notice how it’s the same ugly knockoffs from before.  The white on the collar is way too thick, the color of the jersey is still slightly off and the outline around the Orca logo on the front is too big.

The shoulder patches still aren’t the correct shape and the lettering/numbering on the back is the wrong font.

Remember, if the price is too good to be true it probably is.  If you are unsure please drop us a line and we can help you out.


– M


Jake’s Custom Pro Shop – El Segundo, CA

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Sorry for the short hiatus.  I was in California last week and stumbled upon this LHS (Local Hockey Shop) through @Projekt29 on Twitter while I tried to hunt down a Bauer HS22 Pro Straight Visor (you can no longer find these in Canada… only the RBE I and the new HS23.)


On my way to LAX (that’s the Los Angeles Airport for those unfamiliar) I made a pit stop here to check it out.  Run by Jake Pote and his staff, Jake’s Custom Pro Shop is the place to find hockey equipment.  Like the name says, they do custom work.  If you need new palms on your gloves, want the cuffs shortened/extended, change the holders on your skates, the list goes on, bring them by and Jake will do it right.

Not only do they carry retail equipment but they also sell Pro Stock gear directly from the LA Kings! Sticks, gloves, socks, helmets, goalie gear, you name it, they probably have it.  The staff are very knowledgeable and I had an awesome time just talking to them about equipment.  If I didn’t have a flight to catch I could have chatted them up for the rest of the day.

If you are in the LA area, check them out at:

630 N. Sepulveda Blvd.

Suite 13A

El Segundo, CA 90245

You can also give them a call at (310) 322-5253 or visit their website at

Whether you are looking for game used equipment for your personal collection or simply looking for pro gear to play with, Jake’s is your place.  Don’t forget they also do alterations and custom work, you won’t find that at the big box stores!

Oh, and that visor I never did find it.  I went to three different shops that day and everybody was sold out of the HS22 Pro Straight Clear.  The closest I found was the Mirrored one, but wearing one of those is the same as painting a big target on your back.

– M

Anaheim Ducks Sale – April 30/11

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After being eliminated by the Nashville Predators the Ducks announced their Fan Appreciation Sale (which includes Equipment) will take place this Saturday.

From the Ducks website:|ANA|home

The Ducks Team Store at Honda Center will be holding its annual Fan Appreciation Sale this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. A discount of up 50% off will be offered on select merchandise, with game-used equipment at the lowest prices of the season.

For more information, call the Team Store at (888) 438-2505.

I will be in California this weekend… perhaps I will make the trip to the sale.

– M

Tis The Season… For Equipment Sales

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While many professional teams are still in the hunt for the biggest prize in their respective leagues, the ones out of the running are looking to unload their old equipment from the past season.

Here are some upcoming AHL equipment sales:

  1. Bridgeport Sound Tigers – April 30, 10am-11:30am @ Webster Bank Arena
  2. Worcester Sharks – May 1, 12pm-2pm @ DCU Center
  3. Peoria Rivermen – May 7, 9am-12pm @ Peoria Civic Center

If you guys hear of any other ones and would like to share please don’t hesitate to add it in the comments section!  Happy hunting!  If you decide to go let us know how the pricing is and what you picked up.

– M

FIGHT THE FAKE: Canucks 40th Anniversary Jerseys

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Despite being a self proclaimed “Glove whore,” I am a jersey aficionado of more than 10 years and also having worked in a couple of jersey stores myself.  With a recent spike in counterfeit jerseys during the holiday shopping season and the Canucks starting their “Fight The Fake” initiative it sparked me to write a post on what to look out for if you’re planning to buy a 40th Anniversary Canucks jersey. You don’t want to get suckered into buying a fake do you?  Being familiar with what you’re buying is the best way to avoid counterfeit jerseys.  Knowledge is your best weapon against fakes.  Read on.

Above: Some photos we found after 5 minutes of searching on Craigslist offering 40th jerseys for sale.

First off let’s go over the three different types of Reebok jerseys available: (If you haven’t read our post on Edge 1.0 vs 2.0 it may help you better understand the materials used.)


Premier: Also known as “Replica” jerseys these are the fan’s equivalent of the ones the players wear on the ice. They are made overseas with a 100% polyester two-way stretch pique fabric. All the front crests will be glued onto the jersey, there are slits on both sides of the jersey and there is a Reebok vector logo on the left sleeve. The Men’s Premier jerseys come in Small to XX-Large (up to XXXX-Large in some cases.)

Retail Authentic: These are all made in Canada with Reebok’s X-trafil four-way stretch water repellent fabric (“Edge 1.0”) Everything, and I do mean everything on this jersey is stitched, it has a fight strap, and overall is a much heavier jersey than their Premier counterparts. The only sizes made for retail are 46, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58.) Please note Reebok DOES NOT make a size 48. If you see a size 48 it is 100% fake.

Game Issued/Game Worn: They are as they sound. Game Issued jerseys are done up for a player who may play for the team but never got around to and Game Worn jerseys are well, worn by the players in a game. There is an option for Edge 1.0 (X-trafil) or Edge 2.0 (Air Knit.) The smallest size we’ve ever seen was a 54 with the largest being 60.  These do not have the black Reebok tag inside the jersey above the size tag like the Retail Authentics.

Your 40th Jersey will either have the 40th Anniversary patch or it won’t. Many reputable sporting goods stores or specialty jersey shops will carry the 40th Jerseys without the patch but only the official Vancouver Canucks Team Store will sell it with such patch. All the counterfeits we have seen of this jersey include the patch so that’s what I’ll focus on.  Also keep in mind these only come in white.  If you see a blue jersey with the 40th patch it’s safe to say it’s fake.

THERE ARE NO RETAIL AUTHENTIC JERSEYS WITH THE 40TH PATCH. I REPEAT, THERE ARE NO RETAIL AUTHENTIC JERSEYS WITH THE 40TH PATCH!  Retail Authentics (made of Edge 1.0) do exist but they will not have the 40th Anniversary patch.

Since the patch is exclusive to the Canucks Team Store, they only sell the Premier jerseys, NO AUTHENTICS! If you are buying a 40th Anniversary jersey with a patch and fight strap it is most likely fake! Why do I say “most likely” and not “for sure”?

The only legitimate 40th Anniversary jerseys with the fight strap and patch are Game Issued/Game Worn jerseys. The 40th Jersey only came in Edge 2.0 so if yours isn’t Air Knit it’s fake. If you wanted one the only way to obtain one is to be one of the 24 lucky fans on December 18, 2010 when Vancouver played Toronto and won one off a player’s back OR buy a game worn directly from the Vancouver Canucks’ Director of Retail Operations. If you got one with a fight strap and 40th patch by any other means then I can assure you it is a fake.

Are you unsure about the authenticity of your jersey? Take some pictures and drop us a line and we can help you out. Stay away from buying your jerseys on eBay, Craigslist or anywhere online unless you absolutely know what you are doing.

What do you do if you happen to buy a fake?  In previous years the Montreal Canadiens offered a program where consumers can trade in their counterfeit jerseys for a discount on a legitimate jersey.  The Vancouver Canucks should be following suit soon.

Also check out the Canucks’ Fight The Fake page:

– M

Inside The Equipment Room

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Check out the video at this link: and the rest of the series of “Inside The Equipment Room” on

They start talking about “alternative protection” at 1:34 into the video and the custom modifications Ilya Kovalchuk had on his skates during his time in Atlanta.

– M