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Pro Helmet Decals – Ocala, FL

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Pro Helmet Decals is a company based in Ocala, Florida that specializes in high quality decals.  They currently supply these decals to professional sports teams in the MLB, NHL, NCAA and the general public like you and I.

Any design ranging from a single strip to a custom die-cut design can be created.  The decals are also very affordable; especially with no artwork or set up charges.

The Philadelphia Flyers are among one of their most well-known clients.

The decals you see on my helmet are the same ones the Flyers use on the ice.  They are very thick unlike some of the decals I’ve used that are marketed as “On-Ice Decals” available in most hockey shops.  The quality is there to withstand the temperatures of a hockey rink and will not peel.

Your design can be as simple as a typeface enclosed in a rectangle or a more custom shape like the majority of the logos you see below.  A variety of different fonts are also available for numbers.  These will definitely increase your team’s professional look.

The print quality is excellent.  The colors are very bold and vibrant while the lines remain crisp and precise.

If you or your team are looking for a way to increase the visual appeal of your helmet I would highly recommend Pro Helmet Decals.

They also make a variety of more sport-specific decals made for the baseball and football market.  Check out their products on their website at

Keep your eyes posted on our Facebook ( and Twitter ( page to see how you can win a pair of Philadelphia Flyers helmet decals.  You cannot buy these in stores!

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