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Product Review: Swiftwick Olefin Twelve Socks

Posted in Equipment Reviews with tags , , , , on February 9, 2013 by prostocknation

Skate socks are one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment.  While everyone has their own preferences on what type of socks they like to use, wearing the thinnest sock you are comfortable with is recommended.  A thinner sock will give you a better feel for the ice and it is less likely to bunch up inside the skate boot; causing discomfort.


My ideal sock is not only thin, but has moisture wicking capabilities but it needs to be durable as well.  Prior to these I have tried a variety of socks from the other more well known hockey equipment brands but I never found one that I fell in love with.

While browsing on a popular online hockey store I stumbled upon this brand I’ve never heard of before, Swiftwick.  I looked into the company and their products and what interested me was their Olefin fiber (which retains less than 0.01% of it’s weight in moisture.)  The socks I’ve worn in the past always got soaked from sweat and as a result it made my feet very cold when I played hockey.  This particular model I was looking at, the Swiftwick Olefin Twelve, was advertised as being lightweight, breathable and durable, essentially what I was looking for.  Being made in the USA just sealed the deal for me so I placed my order and waited for the shipment…

They arrived shortly after and upon first inspection they were extremely soft and looked well made.

I am in a Bauer Supreme Total ONE 7.5D Skate and I fit the Medium sized sock.  I also prefer my sock length to be just under knee height.  The Twelve is Swiftwick’s longest model for the hockey market but they do make other lengths as well.  When I wore shorter socks it would cause my shin pads to smell.  Despite the pads having a removable liner and washing it periodically, the smell would always come back.  Another issue I had, with other socks of a similar length, was they would sag down and bunch up in the calf/shin areas.  The Olefin Twelve is a compression fit and has cuffs at the top of the sock and ankle areas.  It stays tight for the entire ice time but it doesn’t feel restricting at all.

I have been wearing these socks for just over a year now (all of the photos are from when the socks were new) and they are still feeling soft and comfortable.  There is very little wear on them and they are currently my go-to pair of socks.

My only warning is to keep these out of the dryer as they do shrink significantly.  I’m not sure if the wash/care instructions advised against this as I threw out the packaging prematurely but even with that small mishap the socks still stretch a great deal and they fit great.


This Swiftwick product is an absolute pleasure to wear every time I go to the rink.  The quality is top notch and as I mentioned earlier it is my go-to sock.  I would highly recommend this sock and Swiftwick even has an offer to replace yours with a competitor’s product if you don’t like it.  This product deserves a definite A+.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Soft/Comfortable
  • Made in USA
  • Replacement guarantee


  • Keep it out of the dryer!

You can find more information about Swiftwick and their products on their website

– M