About ProStockNation.com

Pro Stock Nation is a blog based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  We strive to present a rich experience to all things related to hockey equipment made for professional players.  We are not endorsed or employed by any equipment manufacturers.  We’re strictly an independent third party telling it as we see it.  When pro stock gear is not available we believe the best alternative is domestic gear made in North America.

Our motto, “Professional Use Only, No Warranty” is derived from the original Easton Synergy sticks.  High performance, innovative and of course, pro stock.

The Team:

Erikson – Writer/Graphics // erikson@prostocknation.com

Erikson is an avid fan of the greatest game on ice, holding a keen interest in both jerseys and gloves. His responsibilities include writing reviews, testing products and any graphic work required for Pro Stock Nation. When he isn’t working he spends his time outdoors enjoying the beautiful city of Vancouver.

Mickey – Writer/Photographer // mickey@prostocknation.com

Mickey, aka – M, has followed the game of hockey since the age of 5 and has developed a strong interest towards the equipment side of the game; especially when it comes to gloves.  He is responsible for conducting a number of product tests, writing reviews and takes the bulk of the pictures for Pro Stock Nation.  Game used jersey and hockey equipment collecting remains one of his most passionate hobbies.

Fanny – Communications & Community Partnerships

Fanny leads the charge in our PR department, especially in the social media sector.

Ash – Video & Resident Goaltender

New to the pro stock hockey scene, Ash recently put on his first pair of skates and instantly fell in love. He currently specializes in goalie equipment and all things related to the position, and enjoys collecting goalie cut jerseys and anything Jose Theodore related. In addition to passion for the sport and a tendency to make wicked stick saves, Ash brings with him a talent for photography, videography, graphics, and web design.

Jordan – Financial Controller

13 Responses to “About ProStockNation.com”

  1. Bret Wilhite Says:


    Long time follower, first time replier. Simple question:

    Are those the new Bauer TotalONE gloves Oshie’s sporting in that pic on Puck Daddy? (see link please)


    Thanks for your time guys. Looking forward to April and those mits being put on the market.


  2. bryan hansen Says:

    i am looking for a yannick hansen stick or jersey game used can anyone help thanks bryan hansen windsor ontario

  3. Joshua Evans Says:

    Hey guys I’ve got a review if interested on the Easton M5 Mako….let me know…

  4. The Flyers are hosting a equipment sales at the Virtua Center Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ April 5-7th. Everything from socks to goalie equipment is apparently available.

  5. Hello, I am looking for a pro stock Reebok pant in Large “preferably Washington Caps pant”. Please let me know if you konw where I could find these.

    -Thanks, Chris from Boston

    • Outside of their annual sale I would try contacting shops that carry pro returns. TSR Hockey (Salem, NH) and Adrenalin Sports (Calgary, AB) are a couple shops that come to mind. Some Caps equipment also find their way to NHL Auctions but they tend to go for a pretty penny.

      – M

  6. Brad Traves Says:

    looking for Bauer Total One Men’s skates – size 8.5D
    can anyone help me out pls?

  7. Jeremy Roney Says:

    Did Reebok ever like back in the beginning of edge jerseys embroider the logo on the back of the neck

    • Hi Jeremy,

      On the Reebok Premier (Replica) Jerseys the vector logo was embroidered directly onto the jersey. With the On-Ice Authentic it was a patch that was then sewn on. Hope that helps!

      – M

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